Establishing Sharia Adalats

Farhat Usmani
Establishing Sharia Adalats. AIMPLB has announced to establish Sharia Adalats in every district of the country. Will these Adalats have any legal sanctions? Definately not, then under what laws these Adalats will deliver their judgements? Sharia Adalatsay work by changing its name as panchayats as Arbitration. In case of mutual agreements the separation or conjunation may be settled by these Adalats. Otherwise the aggrieved party may go to the court of law i.e family court. The family court will certainly be not bound to accept the judgement of these Adalats. AIMPLB should settle the metrimonial disputes of the community according to Quranic direction, which is not being followed. Sharia Adalats will not serve the purpose. At least board should change its name as panchayats instead of Adalats.It is creating confusion as if board is establishing parallel judicial system.