#Jio_Institute : Another political gimmick by BJP government

Maskoor Ahmad Usmani
Adding to another political gimmick by the BJP government, six among educational institutions have been recognized as ‘institute of eminence’ (IoE). Although, PM announced in a speech that twenty would be the number merely six have been identified.
As declared, one thousand crore rupees shall be sanctioned to these institutes for development and academic excellence for five consecutive years. This indeed is a good move but there remains big glitches and fraud in the very scheme.
The recognition has come from NIRF ranking which lists many other prominent universities/institutions at the top. Among six, three are public funded institutions which includes IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay and IISc Bangluru. But other three private organizations doesn’t stand even at par in the rank list but cronyism has played it’s part; it includes JIO institute of Reliance Foundation, Manipal Academy of Higher Education and BITS Pilani.
‘While IISc is ranked first in the all-India NIRF rankings of the Centre in 2018, IIT Bombay and Delhi are ranked third and fourth in the rankings, respectively. Whereas Manipal is ranked 18th in India by the NIRF and BITS Pilani 26th. A google search for Jio University did not yield any website or a precise address.
Now looking at the above-mentioned rankings one could understand the nexus between the tycoons and the incumbent government. This is nothing but utter sense of disgrace for the education system of our country. The dispensation is pressing on making education a consumer-buyer thing and a commodity of the rich, where no space for the marginalized section can be created. This is something which strongly needs to be lampooned and a revolutionary step is needed to be taken by the citizens to safeguard the public funded institutions/universities.