Let’s Know Islam : PART 10

the miraculous aspects of Holy Quran, studying one of the most astounding manifestations of creation, which is the creation of mankind.
In the 12th, 13th, and 14th ayahs of Surat al-Mu’minun in Holy Quran, God has referred to some of the wonders of creation of mankind.
The 12th ayah of Surat al-Mu’minun notes: Certainly We created man from an extract of clay.
This ayah refers to the beginning of creation of mankind, including Adam and his children, who were created from an extract of clay. Humans, with all of their grandeur, sublime talents and merits have been created from an extract of clay. This is the ultimate showcase of God’s omnipotence, who has created a distinguished creature like mankind from an extract of clay.
The 13th ayah of Surat al-Mu’minun states: Then We made him a drop of seminal fluid lodged in a secure abode.
Reference to woman’s womb as a secure abode points out the especial status which womb maintains in human body. Womb is the most protected part of human body and is safeguarded on all sides. The vertebral column and ribs on one side; the powerful hipbone on the other side; several layers of stomach and the protection of the womb by one’s hands are all the related factors which have turned women’s womb into a secure abode.
Then, Holy Quran mentions the different phases of creation of mankind in the womb.
The 14th ayah of Surat al-Mu’minum notes: “Then We created the drop of fluid as a clinging mass. Then We created the clinging mass as a fleshy tissue. Then We created the fleshy tissue as bones. Then We clothed the bones with flesh. Then We produced him as yet another creature. So blessed is Allah, the best of creators!”
The drop of seminal fluid turns into a clinging mass, which later shapes into a fleshy tissue, in which body limbs have not been formed. Later on, this fleshy tissue changes shape and turns into bones.
Thereafter, bones are clothed with flesh. This means that muscles gradually cover the bones. In this part of this ayah, it is stated that muscles clothe the bones. As clothes protect human body; muscles protect bones against any possible harm. If it wasn’t because of muscles; the blows dealt against human body would have harmed our bones. Clothes play an effective role in protection of mankind from cold, heat, and other detrimental aspects, while flesh and muscles highly contribute to protection of bones, which shape human body’s structure.
Moreover, muscles beautify human body and if muscles had not clothed the bones, human appearance would have been inappropriate. These facts once again depict God’s prudence in creation of the universe and living creatures.
The different phases of growth of embryo in the womb consist of many astounding developments, which have currently been studied in the science of embryology. Many books and articles have been penned on this topic.
Note that Holy Quran has presented precise information on the emergence of embryo and its different phase of growth and development, 1400 years ago. This is while the people of that era were not informed as such on this topic, and the science of embryology did not exist in that phase in time. Meanwhile, the information which Holy Quran has presented on the phases of growth of embryo shapes one of the miraculous aspects of this Holy Book.
The 14th ayah of Surat al-Mu’minun then refers to the most important phase of creation of mankind noting: Then We produced him as yet another creature, which refers to creation of man’s spirit and soul. In other words, upon the completion of embryo’s physical structure, another element is added which is human soul.
This phase is completely different to other phases. In this important phase, embryo is granted human life, and begins to maintain senses and movements. In this phase, man takes a major leap, putting behind vegetative life, and embarking upon the human world. In this manner, he suddenly distances himself from his previous state. At this point, mankind attains an especial structure, which distinguishes him from all other creatures. The last part of 14th ayah of Surat al-Mu’minun notes: So blessed is Allah, the best of creators.
By studying the creation of mankind in the womb, one realizes the grandeur of God Almighty. Upon researching the phases of growth and development of embryo, we come to realize the astonishing aspects of this creation. Currently, as the result of the extraordinary development of the science of embryology and the studies carried out by scientists, many of the facts which Holy Quran has mentioned about embryos, have been currently discovered. This once again shows the miraculous aspects of Holy Quran.
Given that human body is one of the most complicated systems of the world of creation, we should point out a number of interesting facts about human physique.
The length of human body veins stand at 97,000 kilometers. Although this is a very long path, blood circulates in all body veins in a short period of time.
Cells are the fundamental units of all living creatures, including human beings. Human cells continue to reproduce themselves. Every second, millions of new cells are reproduced in human body.
Scientists estimate human cells to stand at 37 trillion in numbers; which is an astonishing figure. Who has created this innumerable number of cells in our body? Only, the one and only creator of the world, the omnipotent God Almighty is capable of fulfilling this task.
Each of body’s systems, such as the digestion, respiratory, and blood circulation systems operate like a large factory, whose components and equipment operate regularly and in coordination with each other. Additionally, all of the human body systems operate automatically.
Now, who has shaped and organized these human body systems? Only the omnipotent God can create such complicated systems.