Let’s Know Islam : PART 6

 we continue to study the miraculous nature of Holy Quran, especially this Holy Book’s miraculous language and tone.
One of the topics of importance in Quranic sciences, which is also closely bonded with the Islamic ideology, is the miraculous nature of Holy Quran. The question which is asked by many is that what characteristic features of Holy Quran have made this Holy Book unique? The great Islamic thinker, Martyr Morteza Motahari, says that the eternity of Holy Quran is due to three prominent features of this Holy Book. Firstly, Holy Quran’s text is written with the language of the innate nature of mankind. Secondly, Quranic text is highly eloquent, and thirdly emphasis has been put on recitation of Holy Quran with a delicate and beautiful tone.
On the miraculous nature of the language of Holy Quran, this great Islamic thinker pointed out that the eloquent nature of the language of this Holy Book is super natural and the major influence of this Holy Book is due to the delicate and beautiful nature of its tone. As the result of such embedded features, Holy Quran leaves a huge influence and impact on its readers. Mankind is usually incapable of expressing highly elevated connotations with a delicate language. However, Holy Quran maintains the ultimate and unique power for such tasks. If mankind becomes familiar with the connotation of the Quranic text and terms and the eloquent language of this Holy Book, he gets to realize the delicacy of Quranic terms in the true essence of the word, and understands that the terms and expressions used in Holy Quran are truly one of a kind.
The miraculous nature of the language of Holy Quran is a topic of importance, which is highly useful in Quranic studies and ideological discussions. The structure of the language of Holy Quran maintains super natural characteristic features.
In this domain, experts in Quranic sciences and studies have studied a number of related parameters such as the precision of Quranic terms; the beauty of the connotation of these terms; the musical tone of the language of Holy Quran; the beauty of the pictures depicted by this Holy Book; and the unique order of the contents of Holy Quran. One of the prominent features of this Holy Book is the extraordinary precision in expression of Quranic terms; such that all of these terms have been used at the right time and the right place. The Quranic terms and expressions are also at the peak of their beauty. This structure is so precise and calculated that the content and the framework are in full harmony, such that no term can be removed, or replaced. In other words, any change in the arrangement of terms, negatively impacts the tone and the terms that Quranic messages are conveyed to readers. This fact once again goes to show the miraculous nature of Holy Quran and is also one of the main reasons behind the intact nature of the contents of this Holy Book. Literary figures have always praised the harmonious arrangement of Quranic terms. In fact, the terms of arrangement of Quranic words have captured the attention of countless prominent men of letter, given that they have never found any of these Quranic terms used in a wrong manner. In their opinion, the freshness of the text of Holy Quran is due to the fact that the most appropriate terms have been selected and this precision in language and tone is rather astounding.
The writing style of Holy Quran is unique. It is neither prose, nor verse. However, at the same time, it maintains all the positive aspects and advantages of these literary styles, and presents the fluency of prose works, and the beauty of the poetic language, both. The Arabs who lived in the era of the Prophet of Islam, Mohammad (Blessings of God upon him and his progeny) admitted to these facts.
The Egyptian Muslim thinker, Mohammad Abdullah Darraz, notes: Quranic prose has unique features. Its terms have been carefully and precisely chosen, in a delicate manner. The sentences of this Holy Book have been arranged such that with the least number of words, they convey many connotations to the readers. Everyone can easily understand the Quranic text. Meanwhile, the depth of Holy Quran has turned this Holy Book into the foundation of Islamic sciences, theology, and Islamic ideology.
One of the miraculous aspects of the language of Holy Quran is the order and musical tone of Quranic terms. In fact, from the very beginning, Arabs admitted that that the Quranic text has a super natural feature. Throughout the recitation of Holy Quran, its musical tone can be sensed. In other words, the letters are arranged next to each other in an exclusive manner, creating a magnificent and glorious tone.
One of the other beauties of Holy Quran is that the musical tones of Quranic terms match the connotations which they convey to readers.
The translator of Holy Quran to English language, Professor Alfred Guillaume, notes: Holy Quran has a unique and musical tone. A large number of Christian Arabs have admired and praise the writing style of Holy Quran. Among the oriental scholars, those who are familiar with Arabic language and literature adore the eloquence and delicacy of Quranic writing style.