Let’s Know Islam : PART 7

One of the main aspects of the miraculous nature of is the reference of this Holy Book to the phenomena of nature and scientific facts which have currently been discovered by mankind.
Holy Quran is the word of God. One of the advantages of this Holy Book is that it has directly been descended by God Almighty to the Prophet of Islam, Mohammad (Blessings of God upon him and his progeny) via Gabriel. Holy Quran is the source of guidance of mankind and consists of comprehensive plans and principles for the prosperity of man. Therefore, Holy Quran is superior to other heavenly books.
The Holy Q uran introduces itself in the 20th ayah of Surat al-Jathiyah, as follows: “These are eye-openers for mankind, and guidance and mercy for a people who have certainty.”
In this ayah, God refers to Holy Quran as a means to grant insight and awareness to human community. Obviously, ayahs of Holy Quran do not belong to a particular group or ethnicity; and all human beings can listen to its ayahs without any restrictions. Meanwhile, those who have certainty are the ones who especially benefit from the guidance of Holy Quran. In this manner, those who are prospecting for the truth should resort to Holy Quran, because this Holy Book is a means for provision of guidance and insight. Thus, Holy Quran grants man the ability to perceive and understand. The insight which is granted by Holy Quran to mankind covers all aspects of human life, including its ideological, ethical, political, social, and economic dimensions.
Now that we spoke of insight and the power of perception, it should be noted and reminded that Holy Quran is the source of innumerable teachings. This Holy Book has presented all the necessary teachings for the guidance of mankind.
The 54th ayah of Surat al-Kahf refers to comprehensive nature of Holy Quran as follows: “Certainly We have made this Quran interspersed with every kind of parable for mankind. But man is the most disputatious of creatures.”
Given that Holy Quran is a book of guidance and has been descended for the development and elevation of men, it details all of the factors which are essential for covering the righteous path.
Holy Quran, in an effort to expand mankind’s perspective and outlook, urged man to acquire knowledge in many ayahs. The fact of the matter is that Holy Quran’s ultimate goal is the education, growth, and perfection of mankind.
Meanwhile, one of the main miraculous aspects of Holy Quran is the scientific topics which this Holy Book has studied. Holy Quran has mentioned some of secrets and mysteries of nature and has accurately detailed scientific facts, which goes to prove that this Holy Book has been descended by God Almighty. The contemporary mankind has benefited from the thoughts and knowledge of thousands of scientists who have managed to partly discover and unravel the mysteries of the world of creation. Naturally, if the current generation finds that Holy Quran has stated and unraveled some of the most complicated and astounding phenomena of creation, he will become certain of the heavenly nature of this Holy Book. Meanwhile, in this series, a number of prime examples of the miraculous aspects of Holy Quran have been pointed out.
Holy Quran has mentioned many points about plants, animals, Earth, sky, space, stars, the moon, the sun, physiology and psychological characteristics of mankind, and dozens of other natural phenomena. However, this doesn’t mean that Holy Quran is a book of botany, zoology, geology, astronomy, or physiology. In principle, Holy Quran is a book of guidance, ideology, and law which mainly aims to provide man’s prosperity in the material world and Hereafter. If this Holy Book has mentioned some scientific topics and facts of the world of creation; its main aim has been to guide mankind and to secure man’s prosperity in the material world and Hereafter.
In fact, Holy Quran is the eternal miracle of Prophet of Islam for all eras. Naturally, such a Holy Book should not be confined within the framework of some of the scientific terms which are variable and lose efficiency with the passage of time. Thus, the facts are mentioned in this Holy Book in a manner that is understandable for people of all eras.
Undoubtedly, one of the main resounding scientific achievements of mankind in the second half of 20th Century has been his journey to space, leaving behind Earth’s gravity. For a number of years, experts and engineers in scientific and research centers pondered over finding a way for man’s voyage into space. However, they faced countless hurdles in attainment of this goal; one of which was Earth’s gravity. Finally, man found out the solution to this problem. Upon the continuous efforts of scientists, it was revealed that it is possible to leave Earth’s gravity behind, if man manages to increase the speed of objects to eleven kilometers per second with a powerful driving force. In this manner, mankind managed to fulfill his age-old aspiration.
If we look at the ayahs of Holy Quran from this viewpoint, we realize that this Holy Book has detailed a scientific law, which is essential for escaping gravity and voyaging into space.
In the 33rd ayah of Surat al-Rahman in Holy Quran, God notes: “O company of jinn and humans! If you can pass through the confines of the heavens and the earth, then do pass through. But, you will not pass through except by an authority from Allah.”
In this ayah, Holy Quran clearly states two facts. Firstly, escaping Earth’s gravity and voyaging into space is possible. This outlook is a major scientific miracle, given the scientific viewpoints of the era in which this Holy Book was descended. It should be noted that the then people and scientists considered voyaging into space as an impossible task.
The other fact which Holy Quran mentions is that in order to escape gravity and to travel into space, a powerful force is needed. This is a fact which has been discovered by mankind after centuries of hard work. Now, presentation of this fact by Holy Quran in an era in which no one could imagine such facts is highly astonishing. Doesn’t this go to prove that Holy Quran has been descended by God; the one and only creator of the universe, who is aware of all of the laws of nature?