Sambit Patra likely trying to misguide the viewers on TV at historic verdict delivered by SC

Jawaid Badauni
Whilst Aam Aadmi Party is rejoicing at historic verdict delivered by SC today, BJP is interpreting the judgements in its own way and is surprised on all celebrations by AAP party. According to me the judgement is crystal clear and hardly leaves anything to be confused about. BJP spokespersons particularly Dr Sambit Patra has either misunderstood the verdict or more likely trying to misguide the viewers on TV. The first and foremost point of today’s historic judgement is that the Apex court, unlike Delhi High Court, says that the real power should be with elected government of Delhi and not with LG. In addition, the SC directs that even in the event of a serious disagreement in rare among the rarest cases, the LG cannot disapprove a decision but he will have to refer it to the Hon’ble President of India. This point in the verdict virtually makes LG a powerless person.
The verdict still requires Delhi government to inform LG about its decisions but the government is no longer bound to take approval from LG. I am afraid BJP spokesperson Dr. Patra who is a surgeon by profession cannot distinguish between the words “information” and “approval” which is a shame. It is because of this clause in the judgment of SC that Kejriwal, the CM in Delhi, who was otherwise simply waiting for the return of withheld files from LG, has asked rather demanded LG today to promptly return all his files which were withheld for months.
A respected visitor who is presumably a Vice Chancellor mentioned during an interview at a leading channel today that after this verdict he was expecting LG Baijal to resign. I don’t think HE Baijal will or there is any need for him to resign. If one Baijal goes another Baijal will substitute him. In fact all governors or LGs in country today have become, or forced to become, the most loyal servant of their boss (name of the boss reserved). LG in Delhi or his predecessor were doing what they were required by the centre to do. However I shall more than appreciate if LG Baijal comes to the press, confesses and apologizes that he had misinterpreted some clauses of the constitution and if he does so he will be in my higher esteem.
My heart bleeds when I see Congress hand in glove with BJP in criticizing Aam Aadmi Party. Such behaviour is not expected from the senior most party of the country who claims to be the engineer of opposition unity in the country. Finally, very few people must have realised that today’s SC verdict also increases the accountability of CM Kejriwal who will have to deliver now according to his promises in order to prove that he failed earlier really on account of, what he says, an unconstitutional and uncalled for interruption by LG. Now he is armed with today’s verdict and the obstacles from the centre are likely to be minimum.