shining moments of Imran Khan in PAK cricket history

Perhaps the biggest name in Pakistan’s cricket history, Imran Khan is recognized to have indisputably brought the country ample success on the cricketing pitches 
around the globe.
The iconic cricketer has 75 conquests in one-day internationals during his captaincy and was also the one who brought the World Cup in 1992.
Here are the top 5 feats the former cricketer had that brought the country enormous pride.
1) Brought world Cup in 1992 as captain.
While the cricketer had gracefully retired from international cricket in 1987, he returned the following year and took charge of the pedals of the national team. In 1992 World Cup when the national team wasn’t given the liberty to move beyond the round-robin phase, Khan, 39 at the time, not only pushed Pakistan to the semi finals but became the top scorer in the final match that led Pakistan to triumph.
2) First Pakistani bowler to score 300 Test wickets
His knack for picking wickets had attained him a fine reputation that hurled fear in the face of batsmen. This led to the star achieving a record of picking 300 test wickets in 1987 after 68 Tests. Even after all these years Khan is considered the second fastest Pakistani bowler.
3) Proved to be an all-rounder by scoring 300 runs
The sporting legend has also proven himself to be an all-rounder in the stadium by showcasing his supreme batting abilities. Khan concluded his career with a record of 3807 runs from over 88 Test matches and a praiseworthy average of 37.69 making him one of the eight players in cricket’s history to have achieved the double of 3000 and 300 wickets in Tests.
4) Led Pakistan to its only victory against India in Test series
While India and Pakistan have remained bitter foes on the field, Khan holds the honor of bringing his country to victory against the neighboring state in 1987 w here he toppled their team by 16 runs.
5) Hammered the matchless West Indies
While the West Indian team remained unbeatable in the 1980’s, for over 10 years it was Khan who proved his ascendancy over them by winning a three-match series in Georgetown, Guyana, which got him the man of the match title as well.