Taking Alwar Mob Victim To Hospital, Cops Stopped For Tea, Cow Transport

Khalid Majeed
Taking Alwar Mob Victim To Hospital, Cops Stopped For Tea, Cow Transport
Alwar killing: Three men have been arrested on suspicions of being linked to the case.
The man who died in Rajasthan’s Alwar after being beaten by a mob on suspicion of cattle smuggling, was in police custody for nearly four hours before he was taken to a hospital early on Saturday, NDTV has found. The police arranged for vehicles to take the seized cows to a shelter, visited the police station and even stopped for tea, before taking the man to hospital. By then, he was dead.
The police said 28-year-old Akbar Khan died “on way to hospital”. They have arrested three persons from Alwar’s Lallawandi village, who, they say, will be charged with murder.
NDTV found that the First Information Report in the case shows the police got a call about the incident at 12.41 am. They reached at 1.20 am, said Naval Kishore, a right-wing supporter who made the call.
According to Mr Kishore, who accompanied the police, the cops gave the injured man a bath since he was covered in mud, and then took off for various errands.
Their first stop was Mr Kishore’s house, to organise transport for the cattle so they could be taken to a local gaushala (cattle shelter). One of his relatives, Maya, told NDTV, “I hear a commotion. When I came out, a policeman was beating the man inside the vehicle and abusing him.” Asked if the man was still alive, she said yes.
Their next stop was for refreshments. As the injured man complained of pain, the policemen ordered tea from a nearby stall and waited for the vehicle carrying the cows. The stall owner said they had ordered four cups of tea.
Later, the police headed back to the police station with the injured man, Mr Kishore said, adding that he took the cows to the cow shelter.
Around 4 am, the man, dead by then, was taken to the local hospital, just a kilometer from the police station, a doctor there told NDTV. The entry in the medical register corroborated the time.
Asked about the role of the police, the seniormost officer of the local police, Rajendra Chowdhury said: “I assumed charge yesterday and I’m still trying to apprise myself to the facts of this case. But I can assure you that we will investigate whoever is involved in this case.”
The death of Akbar comes more than a year after dairy farmer Pehlu Khan was killed in a similar fashion. The 55-year-old had been set upon by a group while he was taking home two cows bought at a cattle fair in April 2017.
Akbar Khan and his friend were targeted when they were seen taking home a couple of cows they had bought from a nearby village. The men, residents of a Haryana village, were walking through a forest area when they were targeted by the locals in Lallawandi village. The mob mercilessly attacked them with sticks and stones.
State lawmaker Gyandev Ahuja has said the man died not because of beating by crowds but in police custody, to which home minister Gulab Chand Kataria has said the guilty will be punished.