UP MAHAGATHBANDHAN : Congress demanding more than 20 seats which seems to be impossible

Shamim Ahmad
Congress being National Party was expected to take leading role in Gathbandhan or Mahagathbandhan formation but it seems it has neither WILL nor Potential .As usual it is in habit of delaying tactics and ditching its Allies.
Congress lost its credibility by putting its candidates in Phoolpur and Gorakhpur byelections. Even in Kairana it decided to support joint candidate of RLD, SAPA and BSP at very late stage .
Phoolpur and Gorukhpur Results have instilled self confidence and inner strength in both SAPA and BSP. Now these two parties got confidence and enough strength to assume that they need not to seek any guidance from Congress party and can manage the UP Affairs togather. So they have shown the way to others by offering KAIRANA seat to RLD . Ajit Singh and his son Jayant have played a Historical role in making conciliation between two major communities –Muslims and Jaats .
Let us hope that UP Gathbanthan becomes a Reality more strong and every constituent of the Gathbandhan does not make seat adjustment as major issue.
Congress although not part of Alliance till date is asking for respectable distribution of seats. Let us know definition of RESPECTABLE . Most probably there are 81 Parliamentary seats in UP. Out of these at least 60 to 62 should go to BSP and SAPA, 3 or 4 seats to smaller local parties, 6 to 8 seats to RLD and remaining 12 to 13 seats to Congress .
But as per my information Congress is demanding more than 20 seats which seems to be impossible .
Congress should understand that in case it decides to be not a part of Alliance then it will not be able to win more than 2 seats .
The reason being , it has no vote bank of
its own .Only Mayawati ( 20% Dalit plus some Muslims ) and now Ajit Singh in Western UP have their own Votebank . As far as SAPA is concerned even it does not have its own votebank of more than 6% .Both Congress and SAPA consider Muslims as their vote bank .
But this time Muslim shall not support any particular party .Muslims voting strategy shall be different this time .It will be constituency and candidate wise .
They will vote for the party and the candidate who would be in position to defeat BJP Candidate .
So if BSP , SAPA and RLD joins hand then Congress will face very humiliated defeat .
Prof. Shamim Ahmad , AMU
0091 93582 55764.