#Numbers don’t lie : series of 26-episode : PART 5

A simple comparison between the costs of the US presidential election campaigns and expenses of UNICEF in eastern and southern Africa shows that the one-year costs of US presidential election campaigns have stood at 3.5-folds higher that UNICEF budget for assistance to children in eastern and southern Africa.

There are many differences in the sixteen countries which are located in eastern and southern Africa.
On one side, there is South Africa, which is one of the leading global economies. On the other side, there is Eritrea and Ethiopia, which are poor based on global and African standards, both. The global body, UNICEF, which has been founded to help children, is active in these African regions. The children of these African regions need support, even for minimal access to food in the aftermath of famines, droughts, civil wars, and displacements.
The budget allocated by UNICEF for eastern and southern African countries in the year 2015 stood at $411.6 million.
In the meantime, with the amounts earmarked for US presidential election campaigns; the costs of UNICEF in sixteen African countries can be provided for a period of 42 months.