The Prophet of Islam always honored youths : PART 1

Youths maintain a number of characteristic traits; an important one of which is idealism. Given that he has just entered the scene of life, he maintains bright and promising horizons and is constantly after attainment of the appropriate situation.
He maintains idealistic viewpoints; and problems do not impeded him as such. This ambition and idealism highly contribute to formation and continuation of a revolutionary spirit. Moreover, one of the other traits of youths is their hopefulness. He can remove large barriers with reliance upon his courage and freshness.
As the result of such characteristic traits, youths have always been the leading supporters of divine prophets and popular revolutions. At the advent of Islam, youths were the driving force of the movement of Prophet Mohammad (Blessings of God upon him and his progeny). The First Infallible Imam of the Prophet’s Infallible Household, Imam Ali (Peace be upon him), was a youth who selflessly defended the sacred religion of Islam and the Prophet. He converted to sacred religion of Islam at a young age, and always assisted the Prophet of Islam with his courage and insight.

The Prophet of Islam always honored youths. Even in the waning moments of his life, Prophet Mohammad chose the youth, Osama, as the commander of his army and urged everyone to comply with the orders of this young commander. This confidence in youths was due to the capacities and potentials which are embedded in them. Imam Ali, upon his instatement as caliph, delegated the majority of responsibilities to youths. For instance, Imam Ali strongly believed in the abilities of a youth named Mohammad Abi Bakr.
In fact, in any given community, youths can play a fateful role in the future of their society due to maintenance of ample potentials, energy, and talents. In our era, alert and vigilant youths are the pioneers of the Islamic awakening movement, playing an important role in reformation of communities. In Iran, the young generation, which maintains a revolutionary spirit and a sense of responsibility, has highly contributed to the country’s developments and advancements, while we have been witness to presence of youths in different domains, as of the emergence of revolution till its victory.

In the year 1979, none of the revolutionary youths were after attainment of a promising portfolio, status, or accumulation of wealth, and had selflessly stood up against the injustices imposed by the Pahlavi despotic regime. The Iranian youths were full of political, social, and cultural enthusiasm and led to victory of Islamic Revolution, via their faith in God and selflessness.
The youths, who advanced and progressed thanks to the Islamic Revolution and the elevated thoughts and views of the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, late Imam Khomeini , displayed their talents, potentials, loyalty and devotion throughout the imposed war, such as Martyr Hussein Fahmideh, who in order to prevent the incursion of the enemy, got hold of a grenade and threw himself under an enemy tank.
Upon the study of the eight-year imposed war, one realizes that Islamic Iran is indebted to the sharpness, Jihadi management, and right decisions of youths for the victory of the Iranian nation against the Ba’thist enemy. In fact, throughout the imposed war, youths formed the pivot of resistance against the mercenaries of Saddam’s regime.
An Iraqi soldier narrates an interesting memory about a young captive, noting: “We held captive a teenage Iranian youth. He was brought to my bastion. I said isn’t the age of conscription 18 in Iran? He nodded his head in approval. Then I said that I thought he was less than 18 years old. I started to make fun of that Iranian captive and asked whether the age of conscription has been decreased in Iran. He gave me a response which was unexpected. He looked at me and said that the age of conscription has not lowered in Iran. It is the age of loyalty to sacred religion of Islam and the Islamic system which has lowered in Iran.

After the termination of imposed war, there was need for redevelopment of Iran in the wake of damages inflicted upon the country. Youths once again entered the scene and commenced a new movement across the country. All youths were mobilized and started to develop the country, alongside officials. After the era of construction in Iran, youths have played a huge role in many modern sciences, especially the peaceful nuclear technology; which is the most valuable industry in Iran and many countries across the globe.
Currently, there are many youths in Muslim countries, which under the banner of Islam have turned to political, cultural, and social jihad and have boosted their resolve against the domination of hegemonic powers.