Various incredible reasons why you should have sex everyday

After the claim that men who have had more than 20 partners cut the risk of prostate cancer, here are 10 other ways that sex is great for your health
The news will have put a spring in the step of red blooded males everywhere – regular sex can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
Scientists at the University of Montreal yesterday revealed that men who had slept with at least 20 women during their lives were 28% less likely to develop the disease.
Meanwhile men who were virgins were almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with the cancer.
But that’s not all. It turns out that jumping between the sheets can have a host of other health benefits for men AND women.
As a cold cure
There may be no cure but the best way to protect yourself from a cold is to have sex at least twice a week , according to researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania.
A study published in 1999 found regular sex could boost levels of immunoglobulin in the blood by 20%. The antibody destroys bacteria and protects against colds and flu. Plus it’s far more fun than a flu jab.

Easing stress
Sex is the ultimate stress buster and a study in the journal Biological Psychology found that lovers who had had sex the night before reacted better to stressful situations.
That is because the pleasure of another person’s touch, kissing and cuddling, lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol and boosts the body’s happy hormones such as oxytocin. It also means sex can help to combat depression.
As a painkiller
Next time your other half tells you they have a headache, you can inform them that sex is actually an excellent painkiller.
Research published in the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine found that an orgasm could halve the body’s sensitivity to pain, including back pain, migraines and arthritis. Sex raises the level of endorphins, the body’s own painkillers, by a third in minutes, making it far quicker than popping pills.
For looking young
The secret to looking younger could lie in the bedroom not the Botox, say scientists at the Royal Edinburgh University. They found couples who have sex at least four times a week look 10 times younger.
That is because the pleasure releases healthy hormones such as adrenaline, dopamine and norepinephrine that help to preserve skin cells and relax muscles to prevent wrinkles. And the good news for couples is that “loving intercourse” with a regular partner is better than promiscuous sex.
Preventing heart attacks and strokes
Men who make love to their partner at least twice a week are 45% less likely to develop a life threatening heart condition.
Regular sex can help to lower blood pressure, which can reduce the risk of common killers such as heart attacks and strokes. Scientists at the New England Research Institute in Massachusetts studied the sex lives of more than 1,000 men and were so impressed by the results they urged doctors to screen men for sexual activity.

Burning off calories
The term “horizontal jogging” may actually be apt as sex is an excellent way to burn off extra calories.
Doctors at the University of Montreal found that a 24-minute session in the sack can burn 104 calories for men and 67 calories for women. That means sex is a more effective form of exercise than walking. But be warned, a six minute “quickie” burns just 20 calories, so don’t skip the foreplay.

Preventing breast cancer
As well as prostate cancer, an active love life can also guard against breast cancer in both men and women. A Greek study published in the British Journal of Cancer in 2000 found that men who had fewer than six orgasms a month were at significantly higher risk of developing the disease. Meanwhile a study of French women published in 1989 found those without a sexual partner, or who had sex less than once a month, were at higher risk of being diagnosed with it.

For stronger bones
Sex can help men top up their levels of testosterone and women to maintain their levels of oestrogen. But these are not just sex hormones.
They can also help to stop bone density deteriorating with age, reducing the risk of diseases like the brittle bone disorder osteoporosis.

Helping you sleep
Forget counting sheep, say scientists at the French medical research council Inserm.
Their study published in 2012 found the body released relaxing chemicals such as serotonin after orgasm, helping maintain healthy sleep patterns. They also found men were more likely to feel sleepy after sex – which means they do have an excuse for nodding off instead of wanting to cuddle or chat.

Easing endometriosis
Sex during menstruation can help combat endometriosis, a condition that can affect fertility, according to researchers at Yale University.
It also acts as a good workout for a woman’s pelvic floor muscles as they contract during orgasm, helping reduce the risk of incontinence.

Having regular sex with your spouse or partner will not only increase the happiness and love in your relationship, but will also improve your health
1. Various Incredible Reasons Why You Should have Sex Everyday

2. Sex is not just the most perfect solution for a happy married life, but having regular sex has many other health benefits attached to it as well. Below, we have discussed some of the top reasons which justify having this intimate relationship with your partner on a regular basis. Reduce Stress Levels There are many hormones which get secreted during sex. These hormones help in reducing the stress levels in 

3. the body. Therefore, if you have had a long and tiring day at work, try having sex with your spouse and you would immediately start to feel rejuvenated. Form of Exercise All of us desire to exercise on a regular basis, but are either too lazy or just do not have the time to exercise. Regular sex, not only adds love and spark to your married life, but it is also a very good form of exercise. Research has shown that people, 

4. week, are able to burn up to 7400 calories in a year. Increase Your Immunity The level of happiness in a relationship automatically goes up when both the partners are healthy. Bad health of even one partner can make life dull and sad for both the partners. Therefore, in order to stay healthy, it is important that you have a string immunity system. It has been proven that people who have sex two times in a week, have more antibodies…
5. present in their body, than people who do not have sex on a regular basis, these antibodies help in building the immunity system of the body. Many antigens are also produced during sex, which help in fighting common health issues like cold, etc. Control Your Blood Pressure Levels Research has shown that sex plays a very significant role in reducing diastolic blood pressure. Once this blood pressure level is controlled, it helps in making us

6. healthier all round. Have A Healthy Heart We have already mentioned that sex is a very good form of exercise. When we start to exercise regularly, automatically we are able to keep our weight in check and when our body burns calories on a regular basis, or heart condition improves significantly. 

7. If you are suffering from constant pains from migraine, arthritis, etc. having regular sex can do the magic of a pain relief medicine and reduce the incidence of these pains greatly. Regular Periods One of the biggest reasons responsible for irregular periods is stress. Sex helps in reducing the stress levels in our bodies and therefore indirectly helps in making our cycle of periods more regular

8. Increase Power in Your Pelvic Muscles Sex not only helps in burning calories, but it is an all-round form of exercise and through it the strength of core, pelvic muscles, back and quads, can be increased. Your overall flexibility in the body increases greatly due to having sex on a regular basis. Fight Cancer Regular sex helps in reducing the chances of cancer. This is especially true in the case of men.