Most Effective Pro-sexual Herbs to Boost Libido Naturally

Maushmi Singh
Prosexual Herbs to Boost LibidoLosing interest in sex and inability in achieving the orgasm is some common concern which is faced by both men and women. This particularly happens due to problems during intercourse, stress, lack of good sleep and consumption of numerous medications. If you are the one who wants to increase your sex capability then take pro-sexual herbs to boost libido in a natural and effective way.
A bad and problematic sexual life can affect and hamper your overall health including your physical and mental health by making you weaker, disappointed, hopeless and less energetic in your daily work. It’s better to use early preventive measures to increases the libido or sexual desire in a positive manner.

What is libido in men?
Libido is the desire (or lack of) for sexual intercourse; this is a basic life instinct. You will find that to this very day there are many women who have no idea at all what goes on inside a man’s head when it comes to sexual desire. (You will find that many men say the same about women too). So what is it exactly that makes your man tick?

You will find that it can be very difficult for a woman to comprehend how much power there is in regards to a man’s sexual desire, although a man’s libido can vary greatly from person to person. Needless to say, men tend to be more sexually driven than women do. This is part of the reason why humans have survived for so many thousands of years on this planet. Men have been programmed to understand that they must penetrate women and ensure that they inject sperm into the woman; this is just nature’s programming. Ok! It sounds awful, but that it how the world goes round. After all, whether we want to look at it this way or not, humans are after all ‘Animals’. Many men are monogamous and remain totally faithful to their dear wives and girlfriends, but the sad truth of the matter is that they are programmed from birth to inseminate as many ladies as possible; it is a man’s training, luckily many men are able to control themselves.

What is libido in women?
Enhance-libido-driveLibido is the same as what it is in men, only it means something completely different to women. The birds, Bees, animals and mammals do it, but you will find that women are slightly fussier; women will only do it when there are scented candles alight, a glass of champagne by the bed, rose petals on the bed and a soft pair of male lips to kiss… and not forgetting the most important fact, that the partner has done the washing up after dinner first. With women there is a more complicated method of thinking when it comes to their sex drive. Men’s sex drive tends to be very straight forward. There are a number of issues which will affect a woman and can suppress her sex drive. These are:-
Stress, this can be a terrible passion killer. Keep your stress to a low level; try some meditation to aid your stress levels.
Arguments within a relationship causing unresolved issues between you both will cause your libido to drop.
Alcohol is a major passion killer this may be hard to believe when many people tend to be less inhibited after a little to drink. But it can make you feel numb to the point where you have no sex drive at all.
Exhaustion, just too tired to have sex, this will make a woman’s libido drop, or even a man’s libido will drop.
Some medication will make your libido drop, such as Antidepressants. Depression itself can play a part in the fact that you have a very low Libido.
If you have a poor body image, then this can have an effect on your libido. Men do not really look at your body; they still find you sexually attractive if their libido is high anyway.
Menopause will slow down your libido. This can be due to many things, including physical effects such as dryness and erectile dysfunction in men leading to lack of closeness between you both.
When we go into the depth of sexual problems we see that there are numerous concerns associated with sex for both the genders but above all loss of sexual desire at the early stage of life indicates various underlying health concern which can be vast in future if not checked on time. However, by taking pro-sexual nutrients you can get rid of this health issue.

pro-sexual herbs to boost libido
Mondia Whitei

Erectile dysfunction is the problem that hampers the sexual life of men. This particularly happens due to a lack of sexual interest and due to some underlying health concerns too. The mondia whitei is an herbal medicine which belongs to the Periplocaceae family that works very effectively to boost libido in an effective way.
This medicinal herb has been used since the ancient era to treat sex-related diseases naturally. Apart from treating libido it also helps to increase the sperm count in men because of which reproductive system gets affected.
This herbal plant leaf has been once applied for the testing on the male rats who were sexually inexperienced, within some time it started showing its effect and sexual enhancement was seen in those testing male rats. This shows its effect on preventing the sexual concern like libido.

Chlorophytum Borivilianum
Chlorophytum Borivilianum is another herbal plant which tuberous root is very effective in treating several sexual concerns like loss of sexual sensation, impotency, male potency, sterility etc. This herbal plant belongs to the Liliaceae family which contains adaptogenic and immunomodulatory that is beneficial in curing sexual health concerns.
When Chlorophytum Borivilianum’s root applied on male rats and some other animals it shows a drastic change in their sexual behavior in a very positive way. The lyophilized aqueous extract of its root increases the mounting frequency on the animals on which it was applied and reduces the ejaculation latency, mount latency, intromission latency and post-ejaculatory latency rate.
Male who suffer from ED or early ejaculation found a great experience after using this herbal medicine. It reduces the hesitation time and improves the sexual behavior by naturally increasing the quantity of testosterone level in the body which is the primary sex hormone in men.

Passion flower
Passionflower is an herb that cures the sex-related problems naturally and boots your libido to have a smoother and passionate sex life. This herbal flower contains a very renowned chemical chrysin, which is capable to increase testosterone level, the most important hormone for boosting the sex drive.
Apart from increasing your libido, this natural herb is also beneficial in increasing the sperm concentration, serum testosterone level, and sperm motility. The reason of effectiveness of chrysin chemical is the aromatase activity which helps to decrease the conversion rate of testosterone to the estrogen hormone.
You can take the passionflower in capsule form or you can also apply it as cream as it comes in the form of cream too. So no more dissatisfaction out of your sexual life as passionflower is there to mitigate all your sexual health concern.

Yohimbe Root
The Yohimbe root is also known as the natural Viagra as it is as effective as the Viagra medicine. The herbal root extract belongs to the Africa which is its origin place but its effective sexual medicinal property makes it popular across the world very soon.
It has the capability to stimulate the blood flow and this way it increases your sexual capacity and desire. It is considered as much more effective and capable than the placebo for treating erectile dysfunction or ED with a very lesser risk of side effects with a comparison to other similar medicines for this purpose.
Its yohimbine component aids the muscles relaxation in the penis which reduces its stress and increases the blood flow in this particular area by removing all barriers. This herbal medicine comes in both capsule and the powder form however if someone is on antidepressants or MAO inhibitors then they must avoid the consumption of this herb.

Ashwagandha plant is a great source of healthy medicinal properties to cure sex-related diseases naturally. This herbal plant has been in use since the very ancient time and it is also been mentioned in the well-renowned book “kama sutra” for its ability to increase sexual capability and to enhance libido.
Nowadays it is well recognized Ayurveda medicine which not only reduces and cure sexual diseases but also beneficial in treating other severe health concerns like heart issue, brain health, stress, anti-aging etc. after mixing with other herbal products.
It is rich with adaptogenic properties which helps to balance the hormonal level and improves the reproductive system. Its essential content works dramatically to increase your sexual desire or boosts your libido. This herbal medicinal plant has gained its popularity worldwide and now it comes in the first rank among the Ayurvedic plant for promoting the sexual health.
It is more beneficial for women as it also helps to relieve the menopausal phase issues like hot flashes, mood swing, and poor sleep problems. You can take it either in the capsule form or also it can be taken by infusing in tea for boosting your libido.

The damiana was founded by the Mayan and Aztec civilization which is an effective herbal plant for treating sexual concerns in both male and females. It is considered as a potent aphrodisiac which helps to boost your libido and also provide relaxation in pennies nerves thus increases its efficiency by stimulating blood flow.
The flavonoids content of the damiana leaf makes it effective for boosting sexual health genuinely and brings relief from erectile dysfunction, frequent ejection, loss of sexual sensation, feeling of exhausting etc. You can take it by infusing in the tea or can have its capsules whatever the way you think will be suitable for you.
Apart from boosting libido, it is also effective in treating other health concerns like mood swing, anxiety, digestive concerns etc.

Shatavari is an essential herb that boosts your sexual desire and improves your reproductive system. This is a well-known Ayurvedic medicine which is beneficial for women to cure their sexual health-related problems.
Apart from boosting libido, it is also beneficial in treating other sexual concerns like hormonal misbalancing, PCOS, PMS Etc. In the ancient era, Shatavari was used to increase the feeling of togetherness and spiritual love. So if you are consistently facing a lack of sexual desire and want to get rid of it naturally then you must try this side effect free herbal medicine.

Shilajit is an amazing herbal plant which is known for its dramatic healing property on multiple health concerns along with sexual health. This resin plant is rich with more than 85 minerals which help to boost sexual and spiritual energy.
This herbal plant is found in the deep Himalayan ranges where local people store it to reap its numerous medicinal benefits. Its fulvic acid content works amazingly in relieving aging signs by rejuvenating your skin cells.
When this herb was tested on the male group aging between 40 to 50 who have different sexual concerns it is found that there is a drastic increase in the testosterone level with a comparison to other herbal medicines. This medicinal herb is primarily found in the capsule form.
Meca or Lepidium meyenii is a herbal plant which is mainly found in the Andes of Peru and in Bolivia. Its root is rich with medicinal properties which relive and heal sex-related problems in both male and females.
It contains aphrodisiac properties which increase your sexual desire and boost your sexual functionality by increasing the testosterone level in the body. Apart from this its p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate chemical concentration level and other beneficial nutrients and protein content make it effective in boosting sex drive and its function in a natural way.
If you are looking for a pro-sexual herb for boosting libido then you must try this herbal plant which you can avail easily in big food departmental store. Apart from increasing sexual desire it also helps to increase semen production, sperm motility and sperm production and reduces the problem of erectile dysfunction, weakness, frequent ejaculation in men within a few days.

Myristica Fragrans
Myristica Fragrans is a well-known Unani medicine which is used to treat a sexual disorder or loss of sexuality in a male. This herbal medicine provides a very fast effect in treating sex-related problems in male and increases their power, desire, and stability in a natural way.
When the cloves of this herbal product were tested on mice it is found that it brings amazing changes in their sexual behavior over the night. Same way it is effective in treating ED, ejaculation and other sex drive related concerns. So try this herb for boosting your libido in the safe and natural way.

Fenugreek is an ancient era herbal plant used in countries like Egypt, America, Rome, and Greece for stimulating sexual desire or foreplay naturally. This medicinal plant is effective in treating several health concerns along with boosting libido.
Use this herb to relieve your menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, sleeping disorder, mind swing etc. It is as effective that it can even replace to the old hormonal replacement therapy naturally. You can use it while preparing a dish or can prepare tea out of it or can take directly in its capsule form.

Muira Puama Bark
Muira Puama bark found in deep Amazon which is used by the native people to stimulate energy, mental health, and libido naturally. This bark is very effective and is beneficial for both men and women to improve the sex drive and sexual satisfaction.
You can take this herb by infusing in tea or can take it in the capsule form whichever you think better for you. Women who have a frequent problem with regards to their intercourse, libido, and sexual dissatisfaction found very positive changes when they combine it with Ginkgo biloba.

Panax Ginseng
Panax Ginseng belongs to the family of Aralaceae which has gained its reputation as the best aphrodisiacs in the world. The term Panax denotes all healing that means it is beneficial in treating several health concerns in the human body.
Its consumption increases the level of testosterone and boosts the sex drive for long, satisfactory and healthy sexual life. Apart from stimulating libido it revitalizes the tissue of your whole body and makes you more energetic and refreshed.

Tribulus Terrestris
Tribulus Terrestris is a flowering plant which grows in the tropical regions as well as in warm temperature. It belongs to the Zygophyllaceae plant which is a pro-sexual herb to boost your libido.
This herbal medicine relives from several sexual health concern naturally like it helps to increase the sperm count, testosterone level, and sex drive improvement and enhances the reproductive system.
Apart from increasing testosterone hormone quantity which is a primary sex hormone, it also increases dihydrotestosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, dehydroepiandrosterone and leutinizing hormone. It is effective for both men and women to enhance their sexual desire and to improve the quality of their sex life.

Kaempferia Parviflora
Kaempferia Parviflora is found in the southeast Asia which a herbal plant and belongs to the Zingiberaceae family. This herb is used for men to boost their libido and for increasing sexual activity.
It helps to relieve many sex-related problems in men like erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, weak sex drive, weakness in body etc. within few weeks of its regular consumption. It stimulates the blood flow in pennies without increasing the blood flow rate in the heart hence stimulates its sexual performance.
If you are the one who is facing sexual trouble such as loss of sexual desire and sensation since a long time then you should try the above mentioned pro-sexual herbs to boost libido for improving your sexual life naturally and safely.

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