He proved to be the General he is, even in death

Ali Alhaji Idi
His restless soul fought to expose the blood thirsty vampires, and decades of cold blooded murders the people of that community have been committing.
In death,he still gave them the final fatal blow,he fought for himself and the several other restless souls,who can now finally have peace.
Their families too,can now have closure to the years of thinking they’re just missing and will be found.
This brave Army General did not rest,till his killers,willingly submitted themselves to the authority and personally, took the army to where he was buried in a humiliating way.
A man who fought for millions of Nigerians to stay alive,to work in peace,A general who would have given his life to protect the people of Nigeria including the Dura-Du people was killed by cannibals, whose hatred for a certain faith,runs through their veins and organs.
The Only last respect the Federal Government can pay to this General,who gave everything to Nigeria,but was paid back with the most humiliating death,is to do the needful,without wasting time.
Both religious scriptures, and our laws are clear. It’s a life for a life!
Every single person who had a hand in this,must go and in a more humiliating way too!
Rest on our brave General and all the innocent souls these evil people killed for no reason at all.Rest on heroes, till we meet in Jannah to part no more.