#Numbers don’t lie : series of 26-episode : PART 7

The global budget allocated for medical research and treatment of AIDS as of 2013-2014 stood at $1.25 billion. This is while the costs of 2016 US presidential election campaigns are higher than the one-year budget earmarked for global research on AIDS.
Throughout the course of history, mankind has been witness to ailments, whose spread has exposed the human community to major threats. Illnesses such as plague and/or cholera have pushed large numbers of humans to the verge of death. AIDS is among terminal illnesses. Every day, 8000 AIDS patients die in the world. This fatal disease is particularly widespread in the poor regions of central and southern Africa. In fact, these regions are home to 70% of AIDS patients in the world; and 80% of mortalities among AIDS patients occur in these African regions.
Given that the international community has failed to fulfill its commitments to fully finance campaign against AIDS; the countries which grapple with this fatal disease have met 57% of the costs of treatment and prevention of AIDS, on their own. Researches which aim to find a cure to this terminal illness have been inconclusive to this date.