4th December_World Wildlife Conservation Day

Fayaz Khan
World Wildlife Conservation Day is a day for people to become more aware about the problems surrounding many species of animals. Certain wildlife are very susceptible to poaching. Poachers hunt animals illegally and usually go after animals that are protected. Animals that are greatly affected by poaching include rhinos, tigers, elephants, and sea turtles.
There are many reasons people poach. Some people believe that certain animal parts can be used in medicine, even though there has been no evidence to support it. In certain places, things like ivory and furs can be sold for high prices. Since these things are found on animals, the demand can lead to an increase in poaching. Many poachers will also kill the rangers that protect the animals in order to get away with killing the animals.
There are many things you can do on World Wildlife Conservation Day to show your support. Many people will donate even a small amount of money to support the actions taken against poaching. Some people might “adopt” a certain type of animal, which also provides funds to stop poaching. Below are some items you can use to promote World Wildlife Conservation Day and help reduce poaching.