Sikander Kaymkhani

The current civilization is struggling with the tragedies and tragedies that have created itself, sexual promiscuity and sexual offenses can be kept in the top of the list. In this situation, the situation in our country seems to cross the ‘danger mark’. Annual data released by the respective government departments and the information received by the media is estimated that when the number of incidents of sexual offenses whose reports were recorded or recorded in the police department are so high, then how much would their numbers be. ! After the molestation, rape, kidnapping and abetment of rape, brother-sister and father-daughter’s breakdown of the sacred relationships of $ 6,000, six-month-old infant Taking the age of eighty years of age, rape, immoral sexual assault and fasad, blufffills, illegal businesses and blackmailing businesses, To entice girls and girls in the business of business; Even the incidents of sexual harassment of women engaged in the shelter of widows, and incidents of ‘conscience adultery’ (Zina Bill-Raza, Fornication) in the general society, the ethical existence of our society and the diminutive poison for characteristic character ( Slow poision is working. Incompetent fornication is not considered a crime in our secular law and order. The legal validity on the argument of living together and having a wife-in-law relationship, even wife’s, spending the night with someone else with ‘fundamental human rights’ And the recognition has been given. Fornication etc. are working on the slow poision for the ethical existence and character of our society. Incompetent fornication is not considered a crime in our secular law and order. The legal validity on the argument of living together and having a wife-in-law relationship, even wife’s, spending the night with someone else with ‘fundamental human rights’ And the recognition has been given. Fornication etc. are working on the slow poision for the ethical existence and character of our society. Incompetent fornication is not considered a crime in our secular law and order. The legal validity on the argument of living together and having a wife-in-law relationship, even wife’s, spending the night with someone else with ‘fundamental human rights’ And the recognition has been given.
In a society when ethics is being disintegrated, the characterization is promoting; Print media and electronic media are engaged in burning obscenity and nudity to the society in the moment and at the moment and incinerating the cinematic and TV screens in the mind-brains and provoking the burning of sexuality and sexual desire, The world within is becoming a laboratory for unethical relations, in the event of defeat and failure of spiritual values, leaving the mouths of society in the holes If it is happening then the growing and lively, material prosperity crop can not provide food, health, and life to the human values ​​that are booming on the bright prospects of progressive progress and progress made by science and technology.
Islam has solved the problem of sexual offenses with great success. In this subject, he has worked at three levels. A: spiritual and moral level; Two: social level; Three: the legal level

  1. The work of Islam at the spiritual level : The concept of Islam is that to be characterized by a person, it is necessary to be characterized by a person because the person is a unit of society; And for the person to be characterized, the person inside is obliged to be characteristic. Therefore, prior to external remedies and treatments, Islam strengthens man’s spiritual foundation, improves his delicate and vast world of conscience, generates goodness in his heart, goodness, goodness, responsibility and responsibility of godliness. According to Islam:
  2. Before sexual crimes, ‘crime’ has been given the dimension of ‘sin’. This is the disobedience of God (and the Messenger of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam), for this there will be strong hold in life and harsh, painful punishment will be given.
  3. Many teachings and orders have been given in the Qur’an and hadith (the statements of the Prophet Muhammad) in order to make them strong, active and developed by God, who are naturally placed in the human beings in shame, shame and self-protection.
  4. By making compulsory daily food for one month every year, eating and drinking as well as sexual intercourse from morning to sunset, by giving permission (Haram), the spiritual force is created so that man / woman can be sexually provocative and sexually provocative. Be able to keep control.
  5. Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said: If you give the security of two things, then I will give the surety of heaven (Paradise) for you. A: That which is between your two jaws(I.e. the word), and two: the one who is between your ransoms (i.e. the genitals). (In this education lies the fact that most of the major sins (falsehood, abusement, insult of others, misery, paranoida (mischief), false accusations, bad and filthy talk, and the abusive character of others) are from the tongue. ; And sexually immoral, sexually transmitted, immoral and illegal sexual intercourse).
  6. ‘The woman who was dressed in a very fine (transparent) clothes (Paradise) will not be able to know even the slightest thing, even the fragrance of heaven.’ This teaching was given by the Prophet (PBUH)
  7. 6. The ‘ sex ‘ Touching the body of a Pariah woman, in the next life, in the hell the flesh of her body will be flushed out of the shoulders of fire. (The Hadith of Prophet Muhammad)
  8. Islam’s work at the level of society: With reforming the human beings at the spiritual level and at the moral level, Islam makes a lot of effort to repair the society as evil at the social level; It has the opportunity to flourish and the atmosphere remains; If the society does not take precautionary measures to prevent it, it is possible to be so large that individual level ethics and spirituality are affected by the evils present at the social level. In the Qur’an, the Muslim community has been ordered to ‘command good and forbid evil’ (3: 104). Describing this work as the duty of the Muslim community, it has been called the ‘Best Gang’ (3: 110) and it has been described as its quality and character (9:71, 112; 22: 41).
    (1) First, Islam codified the male and female relationship. Make two categories. Those among whom can not get married are kept in the category of ‘Mehram’ (‘Haram’ for sexual intercourse on each other) and among those who can get married.
    (2) Out of the house, in the social sector, prohibition of free, freezing, inattentiveness and unrestricted peace of ‘na-mahram’ (men and women). The Code of Conduct in the house and the household and the names of relatives were created so that where there is usually a combination of, or every time, getting together, living and living together with freedom, there is unethical relations The possibility of not being able to
    (3) It was ordered to screen women after leaving the house so that the other men could not be attracted to the woman. By deciding which type of screen dress and style, design, color should be done, it was originally instructed that the veneer should not be tight and loose and cover the body completely (9:31) .
    (4) ‘Seventy’ was fixed for both the male and female, that is, ‘the body limbs kept hidden and hidden’. For women, all body and body except palms; For men, the part of the ravens (the breeches) from the navel to the lower part was given ‘seventy’. It was ordered that men and women, in front of any man and woman (except husband and wife) can not open their own level.
    (5) The reason for not wearing the face in the female ‘satar’ is that it does not have problems in functioning and there is no difficulty in family and social activities. Apart from this, it has been ordered to cover the faces (when not necessary to open face) (33:59). The Qur’an has ordered the ghangghat. But if the objective is fulfilled then any other way (such as nick, burqa, etc.) can also be worn as it can be easier to do external work (compared to ghanghata). It has been taught that the burqa is not so colorful, rattling, bewildered, that attracts men. It is known that immoral sex, adultery, ‘first-point’ and ‘entrance door’ of illegal sex is ‘face’ of a woman. Every person, regardless of deception and trick, is also able to understand his intelligence (Akal) and conscience (Zameer) will confirm this, the experts of the society also confirm this.
    (6) It is a precautionary precaution that with the command not to include the face in ‘Satar’ and to keep open as required, it is precautionary that the woman to attract her, to attract her, to attract foreign men (i.e. any person other than husband) Do not make facial make-up. Do not talk eloquent voices with others and such sweet and breathtaking sense that they have the seeds of maliciousness in their mind.
    (7) It was taught that the wife should be decorated, make-up to make her husband more and more attractive to her husband so that her husband’s sexual feelings rather than wandering around and walking on the wrong path rather than his wife Only centered, limited to the same.
    (8) When women go out with an open face when needed, they are likely to be malicious in men (or women seeing men). That is why in the Qur’an Allah has decreed that keep your eyes low (24:30). Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) gave instruction: ‘A sudden look may be done, (this is a practical fact), take away the eye. Do not look back again The first sight was yours, the latter will be seen by the devil. That is, the devil’s work begins to put you on the wrong path from here.
    (9) According to Islam, the desire of heaven is the motive of human life; Heaven is his last destination. Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said,’ The woman who is dressed in a fine, transparent cloth (to stray men, i.e. to woo ‘na-mahrams’), she (the thing far away from heaven), the fragrance of heaven Can not even get it. ‘ (I.e. he will have to go to hell only).
    (10) The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) gave instruction: ‘Do not stay in two (young) men, women alone. When he is in solitude, he is not only ‘two’, but among them there is also a ‘third’, that is ‘Satan’. That is, the devil takes on working towards both inconsistency and inciting them to incest.
    (11) In today’s era, erotic scenes by newspapers, magazines; And just like on the go, the scenes provoking sexual excitement have penetrated inside our homes by TV and the Internet. Therefore, the incidents of the sacredness of the sacred relationships of the siblings have started to decline. The eternal religion Islam had warned even before 1400 years ago that young brothers and sisters did not sleep in solitary confinement.
    (12) Prophet Muhammad (Sall.) Ordered that ‘if the girl becomes mature, do not delay in marrying her.’
    (13) Islam has encouraged the widow’s remarriage so that her social security and economic security, as well as her sexual orientation, will also be arranged. It is almost impossible for a virgin to marry a widow (or divorced) woman; therefore, the scope of having more than one wife in Islam makes it necessary.
    (14) Islam has ordered marriage procedures to be very easy (less expensive) so that the expenditure of the expenditures of the expenditure will not be delayed so long that the young people, young people, are in danger of sexual incest.
  9. The work of Islam at the level of law: The virtue and character of Islam is that after coming to the crime, a law stance comes; At the end of the task of punishing, holding, arresting, and prosecuting (in the secular system, the work of handling the crime starts from here). Islam, before legal activism, works most of the time, before commencement of crime, that is, at the above two (spiritual and social) levels, there is so much work that the incidence of crime ends at around 95-98 percent , Does not happen at all. For the remaining 2-5 per cent of the events, he makes the provision of extremely strict laws and severe penalties.
    In order to avoid sexual offenses, only a few (twenty) teachings and orders from the steps taken by Islam were written in a nutshell. Even after this, if some people (men and women) commit adultery, they have become so disturbed in the eyes of Islam that their nature and character have become so distorted that they are afraid of God, nor the punishment of hell. Worried about, or preventing the spread of dirt in society, they were worried about the badness of their family and family, neither did they have any concern about the importance and dignity of human values. Islam considers such people to be ‘carcass and cancer of the body of society’. Therefore, by doing the operation of the canker in the following manner, or cutting the cancerous limb apart from the body of the society, and provision to the rest of the body (most of the society) to save this disease from getting penny – that is, implementing its law system. gives:
    (1) Both guilty or male-female-if married, are punished with stoning and killing (killing).
    (2) If both, or any one, are unmarried, then punishment for killing ‘hundred cottas’ has been set.
    (3) There may be some deficiency in these punishments. There is no scope for Mercy Appeal. The Judge, the President also does not have any right to penalize or apologize because it is ‘the law of the Sharia’; And the body is created by Allah. (His explanation is as follows by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the life of Allah. This law will continue to be applicable in Islamic state.
    (4) Punishment is open, openly, in front of the public so that people should be afraid and fearful to avoid misbehavior, and this would be very heavy on the feeling of immoral advancesment of the lustful people.
    (5) ‘Fornication’ is not considered a crime in secular law. In Islam it has also been considered an equal crime. Secular statutory consensus considers adultery to be in the category of ‘personal human rights’ and considers anything to be unfair to it. Islamic law takes strict and full attention by keeping it in the category of ‘social crime’. At the same time, it also takes the fact seriously that the person who falls in love with conscientious adultery and in the face of non-charisma, the prospect of moving on to the next step rape becomes quite possible. Then why not be punished in the first step.
    A few years ago the President of the National Woman Commission; And after two or three years, the top leader of a party had said that ‘rapist should be given death-sentence’. But this was only personal exclamation. This voice was suppressed in any corner of newspapers and pressed down, it ended. It was natural too. There is a big question mark on the justification of the death penalty in the system of raising, promoting, and increasing the opportunities for rape. First, it is necessary to redress this sign. Islam does not let this question mark appear on its system, so its work becomes easier.