no one can defet #TERRORISM : its a stratigic act of worlds #super powers and rich countries

This is a terrorist attack. The media seems to hesitate because of the color of the attackers skin (white) imagine if the attacker weren’t white it would be automatic labeled a terrorist attack. This is a terrorist attack by white supremacists. Call it what it is #Christchurch
If this attack had happened to any Christian church now, then the foreign media started to encircle Muslims but in their eyes this attack is not a terrorist attack ..
Remember twin tower attack 9/11 american President Bush in his frist statment said ‘this is war against crist’, and next he said the islamic terrorist responsible,,,,i said many times terrorism is not phinominan or ideology, its a stratigic act of worlds super powers and rich countries, no one can defet TERRORISM becz we are fighting with images, images of face dramatic charecters, images of face artistic symbols. Terrorism producers are playing game wit poor countries for the bussines and to sale their weopons.
third world countries, poor countries and some how so called big countries following the propaganada of west and their media spreading hates in the world against a targeted object i.e muslim community and ISLAM.
how we behave, think many times and decide, whats we are doing, you must realise that, yes we are supporting bad people becouse we lern hate from oue birth, we lern hate from our familes, socity, we got education of hate from our education, thats the mane cause we have terror and n terrorism in our soroundings.


  • parvez khan

Rahul Gandhi

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The #NewZealandShooting is a despicable act of terrorism, that must be condemned unequivocally. The world stands in need of compassion & understanding. Not bigotry & hate filled extremism. My condolences to the families of the victims. My prayers go out to those who were injured.

Rajdeep Sardesai

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Christchurch hate attack: news will vanish from bulletins in a day, had shoe been on other foot, large parts of media would have run as a daily agenda with screaming headline, “Islamist terror attack”,now we are fine with “shocking terror attack”. Let’s Fight terror TOGETHER!

Shashi Tharoor

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The hilarious consequences of most North Indians’ ignorance of Southern languages! Popular restaurant chain in Ahmadabad recently opened its outlet in Kochi. But the hotel is struggling to find patrons. If they asked a Malayalam-speaker, they would understand why!