#Pakistan : Nargis Hazara, the Asian Games Karate medalist, won the sportswoman award of the year

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Nargis Hazara, the Asian Games Karate medalist, was announced as the sportswoman of the year. She is the Pride of #Pakistan from #Balochistan #Quetta #Sport. The real Face of #Womenempowerment

Capt. Tayyab

She must have become the inspiration to many! Nargis Hazara won well deserving award!

Karim Changezi

Sports women of the year Nargis Hazara receiving her award from Pakistan and Quetta Gladiators’s captain #SarfarazAhmed.
Proud of Nargis Hazara

Won the Pakistan Sports Awards Women Of the year Award. Lots of thanks to Shoaib Malik And team for the initiative to support other games in pakistan beside cricket.
Thanks to everyone for the vote and support.
I am thankful to my Family, friends, karate family and most of all my Great teacher Sinsei Ghulam Aliwho made this all things possible. Lots of thanks sensie. Oss!!

#tsukiforkarate2024 A movement for all the karatekas around the world for Olympic #paris2024. Karate a game which has 191 countries membership with World karate federation deserves to be part of Paris Olympic 2024.
#Wkf #PKF #olympic2024 .