PM and New Zealanders have earned the respect of millions : People from across NZ stand by Muslims : Latest update

Cr. Deon Swiggs
This is how the shooting in our city is bringing together people from across NZ who stand by our Muslim brothers & sisters. This is the untold story that the world needs to see. I ask that we all share these images and show the world that hate will not win and how this horrible attack has only brought all of nz out as a nation to stand together in our Muslim communities time of need and made us stronger and more loving. No matter what religion, race, faith, colour, we are Kiwi in our culture and that is how our people and values will forever remain. We stand in peace as one ❤️
Carlene Sheehan Pickett We are one. New Zealanders are ONE people. Look how we as a nation have come together to support each other in this dreadful tragic time of sadness. We are one race. The HUMAN race. Its time for NZ to heal from the past and embrace each other as equals, move forward as ONE people, as the proud New Zealanders we ALL are 💕
Muhammad Kalam
Thank you Nz the support you have given to our Muslim community
You people are great may Allah be with you ..
And thank you so much to the prime ministers of New Zealand ….
Tariqul Islam Tuhin
Certainly ‘This is not NZ’ about what happened on Friday. In fact, as a nation you people have remarked the ‘humanity’ to the world through your supports and love, probably for what the human species and the earth still surviving. The kindness of the honorable PM and New Zealanders have earned the respect of millions. Praying for the departed souls. Love & respect from Bangladesh .Stay Strong….

Cr. Deon Swiggs
Sitting right in front of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern when came and spoke with us at the Council today in between a very full schedule of meetings on the ground. She was direct, helpful and across a lot of things. The immediate focus is supporting families and burials. This really is a frustrating point and cannot come soon enough. The other focuses are gun laws, national security, social media, hate speech and other things. I reiterated mental health support must be immediately available and funded appropriately. Thanks to the other ministers and members of parliament from across the floor who attended and are supporting the city. All of government is supporting us.
Cr. Deon Swiggs
Latest terror shooting update
This information is sourced from agencies involved.
☆ Status
• New Zealand Police lead the operation and are managing the primary response.
• The terrorist attack occurred at Masjid Al Noor on Deans Avenue and at Linwood Masjid on Linwood Avenue in Christchurch on Friday 15 March. There are 50 fatalities and 50 people injured. As at 1437hrs 20MAR2019 31 people remain in hospital:
29 patients in Christchurch (of these, 8 are critically ill in the ICU).
2 patients in Auckland (1 child and their father).
• The Disaster Victim Identification process continues, focussed on releasing the deceased for burial as quickly as possible. A process is in place among agencies to ensure the repatriation process of bodies is efficient and appropriate.
• MFAT continues to notify local diplomatic representatives where victim identification has been completed. So far there have been twenty notifications to Jordan, India, Pakistan, Mauritius, Fiji, Egypt, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Malaysia.
• The Family Assistance Centre (led by Muslim leadership) is operating from the Horticulture Centre from 12-8pm daily. Central government services are located in the Oval Cricket building next door. The nearby Netball Centre is also available as a temporary prayer facility.
• Local roads around the vicinity of Masjid Al Noor on Deans Avenue and Linwood Masjid on Linwood Avenue, as well as Ruru Road remain closed.
The New Zealand National Terrorism Threat Level remains at high.
☆ Funding support
• All participating agencies (MSD, Inland Revenue Department, ACC, Ministry of Justice, EQC, MFAT, and NZ Red Cross) are currently providing assistance through standard funds.
• ACC is supporting victims and their families in areas including accidental death, serious injury and weekly compensation ACC is aiming to fast-track claims, including for funerals and GP/urgent care clinic visits. Information about reimbursement is on ACC’s website.
• Representatives have agreed to collaborate on distribution of funds from the Victim Support fund, ‘Our People, Our City’ Mayoral fund and New Zealand Islamic Information Centre Fund. Ministry of Justice is working with Victim Support to establish criteria for the Give a Little fund. Initial grants have been made from the Give a Little fund,
☆ Health Sector
• Canterbury DHB is assessing psychosocial support needs for the next weeks and months. Ministry of Health (MoH) is supporting Canterbury DHB.
• MoH is publishing information through its website, media and social media channels for people who may be distressed, including in Arabic.
• Counselling and support through Healthline and calls and texts to 1737 remains in high demand. 1737 resources (posters, wallet cards) are being developed specifically for the Muslim community. An additional 80 professional mental health staff will be rostered on by 21 March to support 1737.
☆ Ministry of Social Development (MSD)
• Two specialist teams with Muslim staff are operating from the Linwood and Riccarton MSD Service Centres. MSD is working closely with Housing New Zealand and Police on housing issues for affected families.
Calls to MSD’s 0800 number are being prioritised based on post code.
Department of Internal Affairs (DIA)
• DIA is working with the New Zealand Police and coronial services to expedite the processing of death certificates. DIA is waiving the public fee for processing death certificates.
• DIA is leading efforts to remove objectionable content, considered illegal under the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993. ISPs have raised nervousness about their ongoing role in blocking URLs.
• A programme has been developed for a National Memorial Service. Details are yet to be confirmed.
☆ Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)
• MBIE are assessing financial assistance for business disruption.
• MBIE and MFAT are facilitating emergency visas for overseas political delegations and families of the victims.
• Immigration New Zealand is working closely Victim Support and with local and central government agencies to ensure an integrated and coordinated approach.
☆ Ministry of Education (MoE)
• MoE are supporting schools and early childhood centres both in Christchurch and nationally. The Traumatic Incident teams have been activated and are visiting schools around NZ.
☆ Visitors
• The New Zealand Customs Service have implemented heightened and practiced responses to the elevated threat level and increased the presence at the border to improve security and reassure the travelling public.
• High-level official visitors are being encouraged to align visits with the National Memorial Service. The Service will put pressure on resources for several agencies. MBIE is reporting that an estimated 50 countries may send delegations.
☆ Important contacts
• Government Helpline: 0800 77 999 7 (from overseas +64 4 466 4698)
• ACC: 0800 080 273, +64 7 859 8678 and
• Language Line 0800 656 656 (0800-2000 Mon to Fri, 0900-1400 Sat)
• Immigration NZ: 0508 22 52 88
• Victim support: 0800 842 846
• Missing persons (NZ Police) International Direct Dial: +64 3 353 4532
• Register a missing person: 0800 115 019
☆ Personal wellbeing
• Canterbury Charity Hospital (free counselling): 03 360 2266 (020 4098 0750 after hours)
• Children caregiver helpline: 0508 CARERS (0508 227 377)
• Ministry of Health “Need to talk?” counsellors: Call or text 1737
• Lifeline: 0800 543 354 or text HELP to 4357
• Suicide Crisis helpline: – 0508 828 865 / 0508 TAUTOKO (available 24/7)
• Depression helpline – 0800 111 757 (available 24/7) or text 4202
• Samaritans – 0800 726 666 (available 24/7)
• Youthline – 0800 376 633 (available 24/7) or free text 234 (8am-12am)