#Punjab : not believe in rumours, there was no bomb blast, It was a normal jet sonic boom in #Amritsar


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Jagjit Singh Walia, ADCP Amritsar on reports of loud bangs heard in the city: I appeal to the people to not believe in rumours on social media. Everything is okay, as per our information nothing has happened. #Punjab

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Let’s hope there were no blasts in the area and it was only a sonic boom. Has created a lot of panic. #amritsar


Stop spreading fake news. there was no bomb blast. It was a normal jet sonic boom. #Amritsar

Blackout in amritsar,, don’t know what is going on #amritsar
Damini Gulati

For the people who are concerned with #Amritsar trending, there was a loud, trembling sound heard here at about 1:15 am. Electricity in the city is intact. Could be a sonic boom.
We are hoping to be notified soon by the authorities as to what it was.
Till then, ignore warmongers.

Roshan Rai

Some rumour mongers are spreading this screenshot from India TV. This is an old news from November 2018. If you see someone spreading it , please report that tweet. Don’t fall for rumours. #Amritsar

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Their is fake news being peddled with this picture about #Amritsar

Dont belive in rumors. Expose such morons.

Saksham Khurana

Don’t believe in this.This is fake news #Amritsar

Abhaysher Mann (Tallanian)

these bots are spreading hate mongering by spreading fake news! #Amritsar

Abhaysher Mann (Tallanian)

Acrdng to sources it was sonic booms,kindly don’t circulate fake news and fake pictures,until anything is confirmed#Amritsar

Roshan Rai


So 2 loud explosions heard in #Amritsar at around 1:15 AM
People suggest it’s just sonic boom from our fighter jets so there’s nothing to panic. Please don’t panic , wait for the official confirmation.
Vivan Khurana

It was a drill practice by Indian Air Force as per information by Ranjit avenue chowki C block


#Amritsar No bomb blast. It was just a jet sonic boom. Nothing serious.

Sukhreet Singh

Sonic boom heard in #Amritsar
That’s the sound generated when an object breaks the sound barrier, jets in this case. No need to worry. Go back to bed.


My entire house shook from the blasts. #Amritsar

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Did Somebody experience a shockwave or loud sound in @Amritsar on 15 March around 1:15 am. It was a quick one. Origin unknown. Any Explanation. Fyi: no lightning, no earthquake. – at Kesar Da Dhaba
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I just heard two blasts in #Amritsar….. what is happening ?!?!?! #BlastsinAmrtsar

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Were those bombs I just heard??? #amritsar

luv sharma

@luvmandateWhat blasted? #amritsar

A.P.S sandhu

What the fuck is happening in amritsar ,, two big bomb blast in amritsar #amritsar

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Something very charming about Sikhism, so generous and welcoming. Soothing gurbani at the Harmandir Sahib, which manages to be peaceful despite the thronging visitors. #Amritsar

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Welcome @NSUIPunjab Team in State Executive Meeting to be held today in Amritsar.


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Punjab: Talks begin between India & Pakistan to discuss and finalize the modalities for the #KartarpurCorridor, at Attari, Amritsar.
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Amritsar : plz don’t panic noting happen in amritsar everything is normal and under control good night
# amritsar #rumours

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#Amritsar is safe. It was just a sound of jet sonic boom. No blasts!


When media suckzz 🤨🙄#amritsar pic.twitter.com/nxAyErCshw
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Kuch nhi hua bs afwah failai jaa rhi hai

* All of u dont worey please sleep
* no black out in amritsar
* no ambulance sounds
* No sirens
* others city people please relax dont pay attenstions
*Just rumeor🤣