The most popular girl in dragstrip, “Jungle Pam” Hardy

When one of drag racing’s top drivers nicknamed “Jungle Jim” first set his eyes on Pam Hardy in West Chester, Pennsylvania, he immediately knew that he wanted her on his drag racing team. When Jim met Pam in 1972, she was almost a high school graduate and didn’t even know anything about drag racing.
However, this didn’t bother Liberman since he and his team could easily explain all of the ropes of the sport to her. Jim believed that “Jungle Pam” would be a great addition to the team and soon enough she was a regular presence on the track. The fans immediately fell in love with the beautiful young girl who was always wearing the cutoff jean shorts also known as Daisy Dukes. She was just as eye-catching and enticing as Jim had predicted she would be and was everyone’s favorite member of Jungle Jim’s team.