#OneAfrica_OnePeople : Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir : ‫عمر حسن أحمد البشير‬‎,

This maybe gone Case but what is next? I am not interested in the history here, many are out there to do just that. I am sharing with you an insight to people of my age group.
When Bashir came to power in 1989, he pledged to bring peace, development and freedom to Sudan if given chance to lead. He promised that people will be united as one people of one Sudan (this is being sang in my country today too), and that he will put into play policies to deliver all men and women to prosperity – to the promised land. But what happened after he won the trust? Power, Wealth, Race, Corruption, Nepotism, Religions came in and modeled him to a tyrant iron fist dictator. He introduced and put into play Islamic laws and people were divided.

South Sudanese took refuge in Khartoum when they militias were raiding properties, abducting families, and burning what they can’t carry with intention to displace and make what they called home a farming and grazing ground for their merchants. The ones taking safe side by entering the capital Khartoum were enslaved. The few that were attending schools failed and rejected graduation so that the literacy level is kept low among the South Sudanese population. This is a tactic to prevent rising of a middle class that always trigger uprising in demand for basic life commodities from the leadership and if that is not provide they demand that a leader leaves their seats.
Today is time for Bashir to leave power in the same way he came. Today women and youth, the middle class are standing tall against the atrocities committed by Bashir Administration.

When I was a young boy I thought
That leaders were born leaders. Every time people will talk of Field Marshall Omer Hassan al Bashir as president I thought he was born a president. I believed at first that I was denied privileges to be born a president of Sudan and after the death of President Bashir I keep praying that a good family gives birth to a good president that will unite people of Sudan.
But not so long ago when I learnt that even someone nice and educated and a Christian and from South Sudan like Dr. John Garang de Mabior can also rise and lead a country like Sudan. In short I was again heartbroken to learnt that Garang was kill because he was a good man and that he was trying to keep SUDAN peaceful and united. What a world where good ones dies quick and the average remain in power forever.
Thank God that when South Sudanese were fighting for freedom they didn’t have money and so there was nothing to loot or to corrupt, all was just fight and defeat tactics with a hope to build a country we call home, the Republic of South Sudan where race, tribe , ethnicity, religions and resources are used for building a dynamic society whereby all culture and identity are embrace for development and national heritage. The rest of the story is still in play and I would make a comment on this post. Am here to but Omar Al-Bashir of SUDAN good bye.

But this type of leadership must end! Stop this in Africa continent.
I met several Sudanese in the neighboring countries who have be-friended me and others across borders who would celebrates parties say it a birthday party, baby shower party, a wedding or a house warming or gaming and sports together, and so on so forth, they could travel with ease but not to Sudan. This remind me of my first passport that was stamped and prohibited me from traveling to Israel.
Africa continent, a size equivalent to a state has the world heritage and where civilizations or religions began is dividend into several emperors that don’t depend their sovereignty from Asian debts. That don’t manufacture foods, that don’t have electricity, water, medicine, education or security for everyone. The countries of Africa are so divided in the name of wealth, power, races, religions, ethnicities, tribes, cultures and traditions and above all corruption and nepotism.
But this is not too late, Hosni Mubarak stayed in power for long but there were good man who made transition of power possible, Egypt was in Africa, Mugabe remain in power for ever but God raised good men under him that have transited change without killing civilians (rest in peace the few that were incidentally harmed or killed during uprising), Zimbabwe is in Africa. Algeria did have tyrant leader but was removed with peaceful protesters, it is in Africa, Sudan is in Africa and today we have at-least some good men and women to send Al-Bashir Home with peaceful demonstrations (few of course harmed and killed, Rest In Peace).
This is time for any country in pain because of a sitting president or lack of rule of laws or political dividends in Africa has has served beyond the days and/or for almost an average life span by his/her home country. They must go and new ones place in by the power of the people. This is because the democracy is forgotten. Democracy proclaimed by an African leader is when they are left unaccounted for the atrocities they are committing, when their terms in office is being amended in their favor and when they could jail their allies. I can’t believe the SUDAN without Bashir. I just don’t know how good it will be to have our borders loose and Africans cross and share common goods and values, whereby fake Arabism end and the few true Arabs remain brothers to their fellow Christian brothers for common heritage and culture.
I need to see an Africa continent whereby the race, ethnicity, tribe, religion, wealth and power are used for identifications and human right protection, a continent where leaders worried much of national values and protect the unborn generations through conservation of natural resources and environment.
Africa that fear God and treat mankind as one creation with equal rights and equal needs.
If this post make you feel afraid, run!