A pathological liar, a mass murderer

Monami Basu

Gutter gas, no climate change, we are changing, clouds so no radar detection,  ganeshas plastic surgery,  email and digital camera in 1988,  main aam choos ke khata hu, main bheekh mangta tha,  meri ma bartan dhoti thi but I had digital camera, entire political science subjects not in syllabus say professors.  Not a single school college or MA classmate identified, main vadnagar Station pe chai bechta tha but vadnagar Station did not exist back then
A pathological liar, a dumbass buffoon, a delusional moron, a mass murderer (but you probably like him because of that) Seriously educated Bhakts, the joke is on you. What a waste of an education!

Monami Basu
I don’t understand sanghis
there is some deep seated complex going on here
while their leaders are faking educational degrees
they and their leaders are busy vandalizing universities and educational institutions
or trying to shut them down.
yaar garv se kaho tum jaahil anpadh ho
Aur tumhe sheeksha aur seekshit se nafrat hain
#Na padhunga na padhne dunga
Monami Basu
A dam burst tonight
Flooding her bedroom
shadows of turbulent waters
On the walls
Formed tentacles
Licking her skin
The Dark waters
Pulled her in
Into a vortex of grief
Into a vortex of memories
The inescapable vortex
She spiraled in
Giving in
to excruciating pain
Giving in
To the pleasure of teasing a scab
Till it bled
Just then a little girl threw her a buoy
And said wordlessly
Ma live
Live for me
-for you Ma written on this day last year when you went into deep coma. I will love you till my last breath

Monami Basu

Via Bappa Sinha
Massive Left Rally in Kolkata in protest against the destruction of the #Vidyasagar Statue! But dont expect the Media to cover it or the Liberals to talk about it.
Just like they will not talk about how Hate Politics was kept in check in Bengal for decades due to the Left influence (Bengal had seen some of the worst Violence during Partition). BJP/RSS made an entry into Bengal only after TMC Govt took over as Mamata found it convenient to use BJP/RSS to divide the opposition vote while violently trying to crush the Left, killing more than 500 CPIM workers in the process. It is this ruthless suppression of the Left that the opposition space opened up for the RSS/BJP.
But the Liberals will much rather theorize on conspiracy theories about how CPIM wants to destroy itself by shifting its votes to BJP out of spite for Mamata.