The Powerful Faces Of Women Who Faced Danger

“Fatima, now 17, was eating dinner with her family in Nigeria two years ago when she heard the gunshots. ‘Unknown to us, the village had been surrounded and was being invaded… We covered ourselves with [a] mattress and cried for help to no avail.’ Fatima and her mother fled into the bush, where they were separated; they didn’t see each other again for 18 months.
Fatima – and other women in conflict zones – are often perceived as victims. They may be in many cases, but they also hold multiple and sometimes conflicting identities: as fighters, breadwinners and leaders. Photographer Robin Hammond sought to capture the many roles they play in his series of portraits, “Making the Invisible Visible,” which had its first public showing this past week at the Women Deliver 2019 Global Conference in #Vancouver, #Canada.
The project, supported in part by the International Committee of the Red Cross, depicts 30 women living in four countries with recent histories of violence: #Iraq, #Nigeria, #Peru and the #Philippines. Hammond says his goal is ‘to present a more nuanced view of the roles women play [during conflicts]’– of the ‘invisible’ lives they lead.”