6 Years Jail sentence to HAIA detective for taking SR 100,000 Bribe

The Administrative Court has just sentenced one detective who had been working for the HAIA force or the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. The sentence given out by the Administrative court stands at six years behind bars for accepting a bribe. A source has stated that the penal director at the Administrative Court had received the case of bribery against one of HAIA’s detectives. The source stated that a man had approached the administrative intelligence and told them that one of the detectives working for HAIA had accepted a bribe from him. The man had stated that he had offered the detective a cash sum of SAR 100,000 to testify in the court that the brother and son of the informant were innocent in a drug related crime.
The source also stated that the man had paid the detective however the detective could not hold up his end of the bargain and was unable to prove the innocence of the two suspects. The man stated that the detective then asked for a second bribe. The man stated that the same detective stated that he can end this case without it ever reaching a conclusion, and could also arrange of the release of the two accused, for a total cash sum of SAR 200,000. The source has also stated that the detective had provided the court with a different story. The detective has stated that a man had approached him in regard to the case of a certain drug deal which went down in Al Niyairiyah. Several of the drug addicts and drug dealers had been arrested and accused of dealing in drugs. However further investigations have proved that some of the suspects were innocent.
The source also stated that the detective said that he had been assigned to proofread the statements of the suspects and to review the case. The detective also stated that he could not find any hard evidence to convict the suspects. Hence he reported his findings to the chief executive who then ordered the release of the two accused. The detective also claimed that he had never previously met any of the suspects and had drawn his conclusion from the evidence and reports.
The source also added that the chief executive of HAIA at the Eastern Province has provided 10 evidences which prove beyond doubt that the detective had indeed been in contact with the man who informed on him. The detective has been arrested for accepting bribery. There was sufficient evidence which proves that the detective did accept the bribe. The police have as evidence several text messages and records of phone calls between the two which proved that the detective had asked for more money.
The source also stated that when he was confronted with the allegations along with the evidence the detective accepting to taking the bribe and said he was too shy to say no. the court has exempted the man who paid the bribe as he reported the crime.

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