Britain’s Conservatives fail to win target Darlington seat from Labour

A picture shows a general view as counting staff count ballots at the main Glasgow counting center in Emirates Arena in Glasgow.
Britain’s Conservative Party failed to beat Labour in the north-east English seat of Darlington, an area that backed Brexit and a key target for the party that hoped to pick-up votes from the United Kingdom Independence Party.
According to Reuters, the Conservatives’ share rose 8.1 percent to 43.3 percent, but it was not enough to beat Labour, which also saw its share of the vote rise, by 7.7 percent to 50.6 percent. UKIP, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens all saw their
share of the vote fall as voters switched to the two main parties.
Meanwhile, former Finance Minister George Osborne said on Friday British Prime Minister Theresa May faces a “huge post-mortem” about her general election campaign and questions about the direction of the Conservative Party.
Osborne, a cabinet colleague of May’s until she ousted him as finance minister, said May would remain as prime minister if she can win a majority – something an exit poll on Thursday showed was doubtful. “But I think there will be a huge post-mortem about having the general election, about the manifesto… about the style of the campaign,” Osborne told ITV. “And out of all of that, people will start to ask questions… about the future of the direction of the Conservative Party.”

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