Delhi : Loc Nayal Hospitals see surge in sex-change operations…

New Delhi : There is a waiting list of five at central Delhi’s Lok Nayak Hospital. The number may not seem large for a surgical procedure but doctors say, compared with the past, it is nothing short of a surge. The procedure in question is a sex-change operation and its growing demand in the city suggests old taboos are beginning to melt away.
Two engineers and a medical student are among those in the queue. That’s not surprising, according to Dr P S Bhandari, who heads the hospital’s plastic surgery division. Most such patients come from middle-class backgrounds.
“Ten years ago, we would get one or two such cases in a year. But now, we are getting three to four requests every month,” said Dr Rajiv Mehta, consultant psychiatrist.
Ila (name changed) was one such person Mehta recently examined.
The 27-year-old from Noida was born a girl but detested dressing or behaving like one. “I hated wearing frocks and playing with dolls. When I was forced to conform, I would fight with my folks at home.

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