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#BlackHistory…Black women were put in cells with male prisoners and some became pregnant

African Diaspora
“In Louisiana, Black women were put in cells with male prisoners and some became pregnant. In 1848, legislators passed a new law declaring that all children born in the penitentiary of African American parents serving life sentences would be property of the state. The women would raise the kids until the age of ten, at which point the penitentiary would place an ad in the newspaper. Thirty days later, the children would be auctioned off on the courthouse steps ‘cash on delivery.’ The proceeds were used to fund schools for white children. . . many of [the Black children] were purchased by prison officials.”

Source: “American Prison: A Reporter’s Undercover Journey into the Business of Punishment” by Shane Bauer, 2018


Jesse Eugene Russell’s story is one that makes us exceptionally proud. He is not the only Black person who has had a tremendous impact on the telecommunications industry. Just like him, a woman, Dr. Marian Rogers Croak, invented the VOIP system for making calls over the internet. And they are just a few in the internet and telecommunications industry

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