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China’s #Hubei Province : 116 new deaths, 4,823 new coronavirus cases

People’s Daily, China
China’s #Hubei Province, the epicenter of #COVID19, reported 116 new deaths, 690 hospital discharges and, under a new standard, 4,823 new confirmed cases on Feb. 13. More details:

– 51,986 confirmed cases (incl. 15,384 clinical cases)
– 36,719 hospitalized


China Xinhua News

#DailyChinaBriefing on Feb. 14:
1. China’s Hubei reports 4,823 new coronavirus cases
2. Chinese researchers isolate novel #coronavirus strains from feces
3. Factbox: China’s anti-epidemic

hina Xinhua News
Hubei Province reports 4,823 new confirmed cases, 116 new deaths Thursday. Total confirmed cases in the province hit 51,986

China Xinhua News
China stresses differentiated measures to fight the novel #coronavirus outbreak at a high-level meeting chaired by Premier Li.

China Xinhua News
A U.S. professor of economics says the novel coronavirus disease #COVID19 will have some negative impact on China’s economy in 1st quarter, but things will go back to normal in rest of the yea


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