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#Coronavirus : death toll 563 at latest, according to Tencent, it may actually be 25,000 : Guidelines To Avoid Coronavirus Infection

Coronavirus : death toll 563 at latest, according to Tencent, it may actually be 25,000


In what could be a serious cover-up regarding the actual death figures in the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, Chinese multinational conglomerate holding company Tencent allegedly published “real” data on the novel coronavirus deaths, with briefly listing death toll as 24,589 — way too higher than 563 deaths China officially announced on Thursday.

According to a Taiwan News report, “Tencent… seems to have inadvertently released what is potentially the actual number of infections and deaths, which were astronomically higher than official figures”. Tencent, on its webpage titled “Epidemic Situation Tracker,” showed confirmed cases of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in China as standing at 154,023 — over 10 times the official figure given to the world on February 1. It also listed the number of suspected cases as 79,808, four times the official figure.

“The number of cured cases was only 269, well below the official number that day of 300. Most ominously, the death toll listed was 24,589, vastly higher than the 300 officially listed that day”. Once people noticed this, Tencent allegedly updated the numbers to reflect the government’s “official” numbers, according to the report. “Netizens noticed that Tencent has on at least three occasions posted extremely high numbers, only to quickly lower them to government-approved statistics,” said the report.

Some people speculated a coding problem may be behind the real “internal” data but others believe that someone is actually trying to reveal the real numbers. Tencent was yet to officially comment on these reports. “According to multiple sources in Wuhan, many coronavirus patients are unable to receive treatment and die outside of hospitals.”

There have been multiple reports of Wuhan officials cremating deceased coronavirus victims before they could be added to the official death toll. The Wall Street Journal reported that the coronavirus numbers coming out of China are “fishy”.

If the numbers from the alleged Tencent leak are accurate, it would put coronavirus’ mortality rate at almost 16 per cent. By comparison, SARS’ mortality rate was 9.6 per cent, reports CCN. Caijing, an independent magazine based in Beijing that covers societal, political, and economic issues, has also claimed that the Communist Party of China (CCP) is underreporting the extent of the coronavirus outbreak.

Caijing’s article on Coronavirus that detailed how Wuhan officials are not reporting real figures was censored in China. As of Thursday, the official death toll in China rose to 563, with 28,018 confirmed cases. China’s civil aviation regulator on Thursday urged all the country’s airlines to maintain their international routes amid the coronavirus outbreak, that has killed 563 people in the Asian country so far.


Forget masks and gloves, wash your hand frequently to avoid coronavirus infection

Coronavirus can’t survive long on surfaces, like seats or armrests. The risk of infection on a flight is greater when you make physical contact with another person – shaking hands.

If you have been using face masks and rubber gloves to avoid coronavirus, it may do more harm than good. Masks and gloves can actually help in spreading bugs than stopping them, says a top airline doctor.

David Power, a physician and medical adviser to the International Air Transport Association, says that best way to avoid the coronavirus is . Power said it in an interview with a US-based media company.

The doctor said the coronavirus can’t survive long on surfaces, like seats or armrests. He said the risk of infection on a flight is greater when you make physical contact with another person – shaking hands.

Power also stated that the risk of catching a serious viral infection on an aircraft is low.

Mother-To-Child Transmission Suspected
The coronavirus outbreak seems to be getting worse. The death toll from coronavirus has passed 550, as of Wednesday. More than 28,000 people have now been infected globally.

A possible case of mother-to-child transmission of the novel coronavirus has emerged from China. The new coronavirus has infected a newborn in the central Chinese city of Wuhan – the epicentre of the novel coronavirus outbreak. The infant, born on February 2, was diagnosed with the new coronavirus just 30 hours after delivery – a local hospital confirmed on Wednesday.

Symptoms of the new coronavirus are similar to respiratory diseases. An infected person may exhibit fever, cough, shortness of breath and pneumonia. Fatigue is also common. But, people with no symptoms may be carriers of this virus too.

WHO Guidelines To Avoid Coronavirus Infection
In a bid to curb the spread of this deadly virus, the World Health Organisation has recently issued some basic guidelines. Here are the basic precautionary measures you should take to avoid coronavirus infection –

Wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap

Avoid crowded places
If you have to go to the market, change your clothes and wash after returning home
Avoid people suffering from fever or any respiratory ailment
Don’t eat uncooked meats
Wash and cook all meat and poultry products and cook till tender.
Avoid eating imported and exotic meats

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