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Jesus said, “I am the Light of the World, Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness

Jesus said, “I am the Light of the World. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12) Without the light of the sun, nothing can live on this earth. Without the light of the Son of God, humans can never live the LIFE Jesus came for each one of us to LIVE. If we do not follow Jesus and “obey” His commands and teachings, we are mere survivors existing in the darkness of the world. He said “I am THE way, THE truth and THE life, no-one comes to the Father except through me”.(John 14:6) If we do not “come with” Jesus to His Father, we will stumble about in this world, going from place to place never knowing our true purpose according to the ONE who sent His one and only begotten son, the Creator, the LIVING and Almighty God! (Kelly Newton-Wordsworth)

Hello and welcome to ‘Jesus Rocks My World’. I’m Kelly Newton-Wordsworth and am the founder, creator and administrator of this page. I am so excited to share with you the information and deep spiritual transformational experiences I have had since I gave my life to serve God and seven years later became a Christian in 1995. Jesus said that a time is coming when people will worship “in the spirit” in fact this is the worship God wants.(John 4:23)

In August 1988, I was reading a book by Eileeen Caddy, a co-founder of a “spiritual” community called ‘Findhorn’, which is in the north of Scotland. There was one sentence in her book that “BLEW” my mind open and ultimately led me to become a Christian (which at that point in my life, I would never have believed could or would ever happen!) She wrote about what Jesus said is possible for all people to do if we believe in Him. Can you guess what that sentence was? I was so into seeking all that is possible in this world and beyond. The words I read in her book that Jesus said so many years ago, in only one sentence changed my life forever.

When I read the words Eileen Caddy wrote about what Jesus said in the Bible, I felt my brain open up to the reality of God. I had been to a workshop with my husband William to hear Eileen speak where we had bought some of her books. As soon as I saw the title of this particular book, ‘God spoke to me’, I was immediately led to open to the possibility that God would talk to a human.

I thought to myself, “This is amazing news!”. Perhaps it was my own confidence or some kind of arrogance which led me to the next quantum leap which was a decision that if God could speak to this sweet white haired lady, He could definitely speak to me! Confidence or arrogance? Whatever it was, opening to this possibility led me to the next awesome life changing moment!

If you have not guessed which of the transformational words I read from Jesus that caused me to change my life forever – keep reading. Even keep reading if you have guessed the words, as there is so much more to share with you! The words I read from Jesus which Eileen had written in her book, that came from 2000 years ago, leapt off the page right into my head, heart, soul, brain, body and spirit! The statement she had written was not an exact quote from Jesus that you will find in the Gospels, but I believe God in His infinite wisdom put these particular words in front of me in her book at that exact time as it may have been the only way I could ever find His son.

He knew that at that period of my life I was seeking to find the “truth” and therefore was already interested in all information about God and anything to do with healing and spiritual wisdom. I was not however interested at that time in anything to do with Jesus or Christians. I had no idea at that time that Jesus IS the truth. I was searching in all of the wrong places!

The life changing words Eileen wrote were, “Jesus said, “If you will obey God, you can do what I have done and even greater things”. Boom! Wow! As a seeker of the truth and all that is possible for humans to do and be, what happened to me then is what people must mean when they say they had a “lightening bolt moment”! As soon as I saw these words I just leapt up out of my chair, walked outside and down the hill next to our home to a place I considered to be very special and mysteriously beautiful. I felt the presence of God in that place.

It was as if I was lifted from the inside of me, propelled by God to “get up and walk” as Jesus said so long ago. Once I reached that place I looked up to the sky. I said out loud in the direction of heaven, “God! I give you my life! Tell me what you want me to do for you and I will do it! I want to make a difference for you in this world. I want to do what Jesus did and even greater things!”

At that exact time, I had virtually no idea of what Jesus did, except I knew that Christmas was about His birth. Easter was about His death on the cross and His resurrection. I had no idea of any of His teachings but I did know that He was the greatest healer who has ever walked on this earth that we know of and at that time in my life I wanted to be a healer. I wanted to be a healer because I love people, I want to help in any way I can and I did know this about Jesus! I realised that He was telling me that if I, a mere human, would obey God, I could do what He did and even greater things. This was the most awesome and life changing sentence I had ever heard in my life to that point!

Within a split second of me giving God my life to serve Him, a voice clearly spoke to me. It was a quiet voice. The voice told me step by step what to do. What happened next may not sound like the most exciting action plan but it truly was to me. I had to go immediately back to our home and start “cleaning” in the corner of the room. Seven years later I found out that Jesus is the “corner stone” and He said to “keep our house” clean!

God told me to do many tiny things which made a very big difference and changed the whole feeling and state of our home. I know from experience now that this is one of the huge keys to help with starting new projects, overcoming fear and procrastination, learning new information to help with all kinds of aspects of our daily lives and generally living a bigger and bigger life as opposed to a smaller life, with a focus on getting old and dying!

God kept leading me to more cleaning and clearing activities. All of the instructions would be too long to include here, but I knew that God was definitely speaking to me. The result of doing what He told me led to immediate transformation of the house we were living in.

It sounds very small to be told to “clean” and get rid of things I didn’t even like but just had sitting around because someone had given them to us. It was not cleaning in any ways I had ever experienced before. God’s way and order are very different to the ways of man. When Jesus says to keep our houses “clean” I know His words apply in more ways than just cleaning our physical house.

The real confirmation that it was God who was speaking to me happened the next day. I was jogging along the road out in the bush. There was nobody anywhere around within a long way (perhaps around 5 kilometres as I was in the bush). I was feeling a state of joy and ecstasy which I had never experienced before in my life. I was looking up at the clouds and the sky as if I had never seen them before. I felt like I was in the palm of God’s giant hand and He was pouring love into my heart. It was a feeling of a love I had never known. No human could love any person in this way. It was a feeling like I could be lifted up into the sky or be walking on water. It was a huge physical and spiritual experience.

All of a sudden, like a clap of thunder behind me, a voice shouted “STOP”! I stopped immediately and looked behind me. There was nobody there. I look down on the ground and there was a very large Tiger snake sliding across the road at a speedy pace. I felt what I would now describe as the “Spirit of God” pouring into me. Inside I was totally still and in a state of calm. The snake moved straight past me. (These snakes are one of the most venomous snakes in Australia. As I was alone, if I had been bitten, I have no idea of what would have happened to me, as nobody would probably have found me until it was too late.) I was so filled with the power of God that I had no reaction at all to the snake going right past me. I only experienced a state of wonder as to the way it moved across the ground. I had never seen a snake in the wild, only on television and at the zoo.

I ran back to our home, grabbed my guitar and wrote what I call the first of the “message” songs. I certainly know that whatever had happened to me caused a shift in my focus for song writing. Prior to this time, I had been writing songs since I was about 7 years old and had never written any song which had a subject matter of the one I wrote after this experience. I know that God poured this song into me, as I wrote it in around ten minutes, lyrics and music. It is called “Song of the bush”. The lyrics in the introduction are, “Have you ever stopped to listen to the silence of the air, the beauty and the melody that the bush would like to share, the wind that sings a pretty song, telling us it won’t be long before the time will come, when we must show we care”.

I had never written a song with lyrics that talked about the bush, let alone caring for the bush. Prior to giving up my life to serve God, as with many songwriters, most of my songs were to do with falling in or out of love! The last lines of the song are, “If we don’t stop this way of living where we are taking without giving, one day there will be silence there”. If you were God and saw what humankind has done to your creation, what would you use a person who was willing to give you their life, and just happened to be a songwriter, to say on your behalf?

There are so many thousands of stories I could share with you from my adventures with God since I gave Him my life in August 1988. This is only the tiniest most minute glimpse of the very beginning. Even my experiences of the first day of my life serving Him, I could turn into a movie. My journey with God just that day, is one that is almost too much to even describe. People talk these days about “mindfulness and mindset”. This first day serving the Living God was a full on experience of being awake at a second by second level and the most exciting experience I had ever had in my life up until that moment when God spoke to me for the first time!

God led me after seven years to His son, Jesus. By a miracle I did the Alpha course in 1995, was told how to repent, ask for forgiveness from God for my sins and give my life to Jesus. This is the moment when my “true” life began, as I discovered He really is THE truth! By more miracles I was led to be baptised by “water and the Holy Spirit” (John 3:5) on September, 23rd 2001 in Petrus Geminde in Germany!

After becoming a Christian in 1995, by 1997 when our youngest daughter was eight months old, God led me to sing in my first international concerts in August 1997 in the US. Since then He has led me many times alone across the nations to go beyond where I have ever been.
A more recent happening from my daily conversations with God receiving His precious instructions when hearing His voice and obeying His instruction was a choice between living and dying occurred in 2008. It is a story for another time as to the way I arrived at this particular place because it would take a whole book to share what happened to me in my journey with God to Thailand, but event took place when I was standing on the PAD stage at Parliament House in Bangkok, 2008. The PAD was the ‘People’s Alliance for Democracy’, also known as “The Yellow Shirts”.

In the beginning of my many months singing for the Yellow shirts, I was initially invited to sing for the PAD because the year before I had written a song, ‘Long Live the King of Thailand’ for King Bhumibol and the people were standing for their king. It is again too long a story to tell right now, but I was so moved watching a video about King Bhumibol on my way to Thailand in March 2007 to meet up with an American producer who wanted to be my world wide manager (another long story). I had tears pouring down my face watching King Bhumibol on the video as he went about his nation touching peoples’ hearts with a softness and sweetness I had rarely seen before. When I arrived in Thailand a moment came when again God poured a song for him into me. I was sobbing as I wrote this song. I knew at the time that this would be a gift God gave to me to use for Him in some way to make a difference for the people and the king.

It went on to be published in Hello magazine with 100,000 copies of my song which they put onto a CD, being sold in one day. Already before this the song had opened the way for me to receive an invitation to sing for the King at his 80th birthday at his palace. There were 500,000 people at his Bangkok residence to celebrate his birthday. He also sent me a gift of a diamond broach. He could not give it to me himself as he was too ill and in hospital. It was a great honour to receive such a gift and be told that I am the first foreigner in the history of Thailand to write, record and perform a song for any of the nations’ kings. How could a housewife and mother from a farm two and a half hours south of the most remote city in the world, Perth, have the opportunity to do this? It is only by finding God through Jesus that I could possibly have been led on such a journey.

The following year in 2008, having been invited to sing my song for the king of Thailand on the PAD stage, along with another 40 minutes worth of songs, I was standing in front of 200,000 people and God quietly said to me, “Leave now”. As I wasn’t totally sure of whether I was hearing correctly, I kept going, but started to feel slightly uncomfortable as in not sure of what was happening. As I was in the middle of a song and not being a person who would usually ever just stop midway through a song, I continued on the outside with great gusto, but inside was wondering what God was wanting me to do. Again God said, “Leave now” quietly, but slightly more audibly this time.

I still had around 30 minutes of singing time to go until the end of my concert. I was still unsure of what to do. As I was finishing the song, God said again more strongly this time, LEAVE NOW! I said “thank you” in Thai and walked off the stage. The staff backstage were frantically saying, “Khun Kelly, you have 30 minutes to go, we have no one to come on after you right now, as they will not be here for a little while”. I said that I had to go. I walked out down the passage way to get to the “outside world”.

This protest was standing for the king of Thailand and his version of democracy. The people were standing for a corruption free Thailand. I won’t go into the politics right now, but this was the biggest and longest running political protest in the history of the world. I was singing there every weekend for many months. I missed my husband, children and home so much, but this was where God took me to and wanted me to stay at that time. He made it as wonderful for me as He could (He always does) but it was still very hard. At times I was crying on the phone to my husband and children saying I wanted to go home. Then we would pray about what God wanted me to do and He on many occasions kept saying to stay.

When I walked out from the back stage area and along past the bombed out buses there was a strange feeling in the air. Usually after singing, there would be hundreds of people all waiting for me to sign their scarves, hats and shirts. This time not one person even seemed to see me. Therefore I was free to walk on out to where I could catch a taxi. Ten minutes later, a friend who was in charge of the production for the television station that was filming the PAD 24 hours a day, frantically shouted at me, “Kelly where are you?” I told him where I was. He said that a bomb had gone off underneath the stage where I was just singing. Nobody was killed because there was no one on the stage! Hundreds of people were injured, but they were alive to tell the tale!

I knew that God AGAIN had not only saved my life but the lives of hundreds of people! Not only had he saved my soul, but also my physical body! He had taken me into that situation, but also showed me something that is a message for the whole of humanity. God speaks. He talks. He is real. However, if we are not seeking Him, as Jesus says, “SEEK first the Kingdom and ALL will be given” to us (Matthew 6:33), people probably will not ever hear God’s voice, not even in an emergency.

To hear His voice, firstly we have to WANT to hear Him. We have to obey the first and greatest commandment as His son says, “To love the Lord your God with ALL your heart, your soul, your mind and your strength” (Matthew 22:36) if we really are to be open enough to hear His voice. As Jesus says, “There are only two masters, God and Mammon. We serve one or the other. The love one and hate the other”. (Matthew 6:24)
I have found so far the definition of “mammon” in different Bibles to be, “the world”. We listen to GOD or we listen to the world. The “voice” of the world is very very loud and distracting. I have been seeking help for years from Lord Jesus to make sure that I am living in the “present” and therefore AWAKE so that I can make sure I am serving GOD and never mammon. I have discovered many amazing things since I gave up my life to Jesus in 1995. One of them is that behind mammon, “the world”, is the “father of lies”. Jesus calls the devil, “the father of lies”.

Jesus has shown me to look to God every second of every day. I have made many mistakes along the way in my journey with the living God. I know through this journey though that God IS real, He speaks and listens, He is the greatest (beyond words) Father any human can possibly have, because He IS the creator, He did send His SON the Lord Jesus Christ, who is one hundred percent what even demons described Him as, “The Son of the most High God”, God sent His Holy Spirit, so that we would not ever as Jesus said be “orphans” ( John 14:18)and we are loved by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit beyond what we can ever imagine! One of the HUGE keys to living the LIFE Jesus came to bring us all, is to START BEING GRATEFUL for ALL that GOD has done and continues to DO for those who seek to obey His commands!

God BLESS YOU and look forward to getting to know you better through my page, “Jesus Rocks My World”!

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