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Make no mistake, #WarisPathan is a BJP agent : a stupid man spouts when he feels inadequate

Rofl Republic 🍋🌶
Make no mistake, #WarisPathan is a BJP agent. After massive drubbing in Delhi elections, BJP is using its B-team #AIMIM to give #ShaheenBaghProtest a communal angle & project it as Anti-Hindu & Anti-National. BJP will use his speech to malign #ShaheenBaghProtesters & divide us.

surheeta Chatterjee Kareem
These are the people who have never been given space to vent their communal agenda,but the Biased media houses are gleefully promoting such speeches and generating TRPs #BycottWarisPathan

Saba Naqvi
Bakwas by #WarisPathan…the sort of nonsense a stupid man spouts when he feels inadequate …. or is in desperate need of attention. His defeat by a large margin in his seat could have triggered this

Gunja Kapoor
Can’t put the lid on #WarisPathan so easily Mr. Desai.

By your logic, Kanhaiya Kumar who lost by a margin of over 4 lakh votes should stop being given currency by media. Will you stop giving his bile space?

This is the worst cover-up by you in a very long time to save whatever!

Rajdeep Sardesai
In 2019 assembly polls, @warispathan lost by more than 50,000 votes. People rejected him, TV/social media will now prop him up for making inflammatory remarks. Reject all those who speak language of religious extremism. Deny them oxygen of publicity they so desperately crave!

Dr. Safin
As an Indian Muslim I do not support people like #WarisPathan

They are harmful to the Muslim community itself.

They are the kind BJP uses to increase communal tension and polarisation.


Einstein 🇮🇳

#WarisPathan Waris Pathan “वारिस पठान” or AIMIM are not the Thekedar of Muslims of India and such speeches will only promote hate.

That’s the tweet. Mind it.

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