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Arif Ul Islam
Have u ever reflected on the subject?? Don’t u feel that Jamuna doesn’t exist anymore?? Do u find any Secular Nationalist leader ,writer or thinker speaking about Jamuna part?? And the feat was accomplished just after indp under leadership of Ambedker and Nehru when the govt stopped teaching of Urdu even as part of three language formula after it lost case of being National language by just one vote in constituent assembly.
Now even Jamuna part of foods, dresses, life style , citizenship, names of towns cities, roads, daily use words and symbols are under scrutiny.


India TV
SHO suspended for not taking kidnapping case ‘seriously’ in Mathura | Live Updates

Hindustan Times
Kerala student who tested positive for #coronavirus recovers, discharged from hospital

S Rajasekar
GDP in:

2004: $721.5 Billion
2014: $2 Trillion

Growth: 182%

India’s GDP doubled from $1 Trillion in 2007 to $2 Trillion in 2014

Going by this, under Congress by 2024 India’s GDP would have been close to $6 Trillion, while BJP is ‘targeting’ $5 Trillion by 2025 !

S Rajasekar
Cong.protests LPG price hike,Rahul tweets a throwback picture
The price has been hiked about six times since August2019,says Mahila Congress

Rahul took a dig at BJP for price hike- BJP leaders protesting agnst the hike during Congress-led UPA era.

J Scindia,Congress:I want to assure you that your demand is included in our govt’s manifesto&it’s our sacred text.Have patience.If all promises in manifesto are not fulfilled,don’t think you are alone. Jyotiraditya Scindia will also hit the streets with you. #MadhyaPradesh (13.2)

Randeep Singh Surjewala
Tragic that Cabinet Ministers are pre-occupied with distorting history on Nehru-Patel instead of doing their jobs.

Mr. Minister, pl read the two letters dated 30th July, 1947 & 1st Aug, 1947 placed below between Pt. Nehru & Patel as how the two formed the entire cabinet together

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