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France registered 1,331 deaths in hospital from the new coronavirus : videos

France has registered 1,331 deaths in hospital from the new coronavirus, a health official said Wednesday, a jump of 231 from the day before. A total of 11,539 people have been hospitalised with the virus, the country’s top health official Jerome Salomon said.

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World map#COVIDー19 Red square Deaths per 1,000,000 people in Flag of China China, Flag of United States USA, Flag of Italy Italy, the Flag of United Kingdom UK, Flag of Netherlands The Netherlands, Flag of Spain Spain, Flag of Germany Germany, Flag of Iran Iran & Flag of France France starting from the day each country reported its 100th death

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#Coronavirus info: 25 march
Round pushpin452,000 people infected
Round pushpin20,500 deaths
Round pushpin180 countries o/w 78 have 100+ cases

Small blue diamond#Solidarity is Key. already 100,000 volunteers in a day in France to help.

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Countries ranked for cumulative cases of COVID19 as of March 24:

China 81,218
Italy 69,176
USA 60,063
Spain 47,610
Germany 35,740
Iran 27,017
France 22,304
Switzerland 10,537
S. Korea 9,137
UK 8,227
Netherlands 6,412
Austria 5,588
Belgium 4,937

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