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Government of India is making all efforts to fight against #Covid19India.. Don’t believe? Watch it live

Unknown Poet
Resistance art on walls of Jamia and Shaheen Bagh being whitewashed at the time when these workers should have been at home.
The fascists thinks that the paintings of resistance are bigger threat than pandemic. Man facepalming

Salahuddin Ayyub
Government of India is making all efforts to fight against #Covid19India.. Don’t believe? Watch it live. This #Jamia wall ‘Wall of Democracy’ was responsible for spread of #COVID19.. Good Job Clapping hands sign Clapping hands signClapping hands sign Brave!

Destroying all the art that was done on the walls of Jamia and shaheen bagh as a sign of protest goes on to show how the intelligence and truth is always on the scaffolds. There is NO conscience.
#jamia #ShaheenaBagh
Daud Arif (Dawood)
Despite calling off public gatherings amidst #Corona outbreak, the manner in which fascist forces are attacking the sites, destroying the graffiti, etc, it just shows that how scared the state is.

The Baghs shall bloom again, the walls shall speak again.

#Jamia #ShaheenBagh
Ahmad Belal
Jamia’s walls are being repainted.

Kanchan Gupta
It needed a virus-induced lockdown to clear public place illegally occupied by a fraud protest. #Jamia #IndiaFightCorona #ChineseVirus

Delhi: Police clears the protest site outside Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), amid complete lockdown in the national capital. JMI had temporarily suspended the protest on March 21 at Gate no. 7, in view of #CoronaVirus.

Shahid hasan
I request to you pls make round or stable police man in inside the street of batla house nafees road here are no buddy follow the lock down its dangerous…#jamia nagar thana okhla..







Sheenam Fatima
Thanks to the government for letting us know how art so profoundly affected them.
Using lockdown as an opportunity to destroy art! But you cannot silence our voices of Dissent, remember that!
#WeWillRiseAgain #jamia

Syed Hassan Kazim سید حسن کاظم
You cannot be a Fascist unless you are a coward. This has been proved today by the Indian state when it washed off #ShaheenBagh and #Jamia anti-#CAA paintings in the name of a lockdown and curfew. This state hates Muslims, it hates their voice, it hates their protests & silence.

MJ Vijayan
I am beginning to like the fear that I see in your actions,


Even during a #CoronavirusPandemic when your inefficiency stands exposed, you were out to remove #Jamia protest and #ShaheenBagh #ShaheenBaghProtest #Shameless scoundrels

Aboriginal of India
Are paintings also violating #lockdown ? Susceptible to #coronavirus infections?
So why are these at #Jamia being painted over?
Such vindictivenes in the garb of locking down.
But well, pettiness is their middle name, as we all know
#LockdownNow #ShaheenaBagh #India #staysafe

Monazza Aarfa
Why were #jamia graffitis wiped by the
The university is closed.
Students have gone home because of the #CoronavirusLockdown and police brought workers with them and destroyed the art.
This coward government is taking advantage of the situation.


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