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Indian media has poor and cheap journalism, This Arnav Goswami is a ‘kalank’ in the name of journalism says Nepali users

Manisha Koirala

Replying to @thapaprabinjung @SuryaRAcharya and @saugatniroula5
is that not strange that when a country already has a master plan why to ignore it? why not sugget this to donors and make them agree on it? if the intensions are clear n no hidden agendas are there..they would agree,wouldnt they?

Manisha Koirala
would you also say..Section 5.5 is the most serious one. 10 points stipulated in the agreement survive forever. They claim that the agreement is just five years (project implementation period) what is not true?

Manisha Koirala
someone wise told me..”Keeping Nepal poor and making it an interest of donors to put money in project of their interest is also in the interest of most of our expert consultants. Not much understood by general Nepalese people…” when n who will let people know?

Rabi Lamich2ane
आजको कार्यक्रमको विशेष तयारीमा छौ।भारतीय मिडिया जस्तो बकम्फुसे हल्ला हैन,तथ्य र प्रमाणमा बोल्ने प्रयासमा छौ,I recommend fellow Indian Journalists to check the history,collect the evidences,read them all until you understand the fact and then enter to your studios.Or STOP NONSENSE

santosh gupta
चीन जीत गया है.!
नेपाल के कई शहरों में भारत विरोधी प्रदर्शन हो रहे हैं, और भारत में लोग नेपाल के खिलाफ जहर उगल रहे हैं.!

सदियों से कायम आपसी रिश्ते कैसे और क्यों तार तार हुए.? क्यों हमारे सभी पड़ोसी देश एक के बाद एक चीन की गोद में बैठ रहे हैं.?

जबाब एक ही है :- चाय-दुकान.!!

Manisha Koirala

Thank you for keeping the dignity of our small nation..we all are looking forward for a peaceful and respectful dialogue between all three great nations now Folded hands

Pradeep Gyawali
लिम्पियाधुरा, लिपुलेक र कालापानीसहितका भूभाग समेट्दै ७ प्रदेश, ७७ जिल्ला र ७५३ स्थानीय तहको प्रशासनिक विभाजन खुल्ने गरी नेपालको नक्सा प्रकाशित गर्ने मन्त्रिपरिषदको निर्णय । आधिकारिक नक्सा भूमिव्यवस्था मन्त्रालयले छिटै सार्वजनिक गर्दैछ ।

This video proves that Indian media has poor and cheap journalism. They are good in adding false things, masala and shouting. Manisha Koirala
is Nepali not Indian. She is a well-known actress due to her skills and hard work.Fisted handFisted handFisted hand

Nepal don’t have ryt to proclaim over disputed areas . Lipulek, kalapani & Limpiyadura are still a disputed areas.Nepal was opposing when India was decided to build Kailash Mansarovar road before few days then they can’t publish their new map with disputed areas

Kapil Mishra
नेपाल की सरकार जो कर रही हैं उसके लिए नेपाली नागरिकों या भारत में रह रहे नेपालियों के खिलाफ कुछ कहना लिखना मूर्खता होगी

चीन, माओवादी, नक्सलवादी हमेशा से चाहते हैं कि भारत और नेपाल के नागरिकों के बीच भावुक सम्बंध खराब हो

चीन इस खेल को कई बार खेल चुका, हर बार फेल ही हुआ हैं

कालापानी लिपुलेख नेपाल को हो Flag of NepalRaised fist

Manisha Koirala became bollywood queen on her own merit. That doesn’t mean she should support India while her motherland is being encroached.

म र मेरो नेपाल
This Arnav Goswami is a ‘kalank’ in the name of journalism. By comparision, I find Dhamala a better journo!! Dr Minendra Rijal at his best to respond to Indian media and intelligentsia’s rehetoric on the Lipulekh and other border issues
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Bishal Ghimire
“We are in the opposition. There are differences with the government. We also may disagree with his style, but we are with the Prime Minister on the border issue”!

Well said dr

This should be right stand of the opposition in foreign policy issues!
#जय_नेपालFlag of Nepal

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