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THE MEDIA WILL NOT TELL YOU THIS : Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University is the largest female university in the world

Has the media ever told you that, the largest female university in the world is located in Saudi Arabia? Yes, i mean largest in the world!!! They wont tell you this. Simply because it’s an islamic country. They will tell you, “Islam enslaves women”.

Princess Nura University (PNU) is the largest female university in the world where muslim women study in different fields including Islamic studies, Medicine, Nursing, Engineering, Pharmacy, Phychology, Education etc. If you doubt this, search from google. And you know what….they are well covered in “Hijab”. These are the kind of women you can describe as “civilised”. Our muslim women are precious diamonds, well covered and protected!!!

Islam is a religion built on “Knowledge”. The first word revealed in the Noble Qur’an is “Read”. Islam has never left a woman behind. Salute to all “hijabis”

A great Islamic scholar was once asked how he gathered much knowledge within a short period. He said, ” my mum taught me. As she is in her kitchen cooking, i follow her around reciting Qur’an, hadith and others. Whenever i make a mistake she corrects me”.


 the world’s largest women’s university over a site area of 800 ha


Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University is a public women’s university located in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. It is the largest university for women in the world. The university offers diplomas, bachelor and postgraduate degrees


Princess Nora University library!

Founded Central Library in 1988 and was the beginning of a simple included books, references, research from the university as well as some specialized groups of simple and the number of books which does not exceed two thousand writers, including reference books, sources and periodicals,Today, the number of books is five millions book. The library earnest endeavor to introduce new advanced services such as Internet service and improve the services provided by the library and its development in response to the needs of beneficiaries. The library aims to collect books and references, documents and collect various information sources including printed and electronic, are arranged and organized to achieve the objectives of the library.


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