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Sachin Pilot meet Rahul Gandhi and expressed his faith in Congress : Pilot come back in congress party!


Ahead of the crucial Rajasthan assembly session from Aug. 14, rebel Congress leader Sachin Pilot on Monday met party leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in Delhi, amidst indications of a possible breakthrough. Top Congress sources said the meeting took place a little after noon at Rahul Gandhi’s residence and a “positive outcome” was expected. Sources also confirmed to PTI that Pilot has been in touch with the top Congress leadership and a formula for his return was being worked out. Pilot and 18 other MLAs have rebelled against the Ashok Gehlot-led Congress government in Rajasthan, leading to Pilot’s sacking as deputy chief minister and state party chief.

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When Sachin Pilot rebelled against Ashok Gehlot.

BJP IT Cell : It is RG’s strategy to eliminate his competitors.

When Sachin Pilot met RG and expressed his faith towards Congress.

BJP IT Cell : Rahul gandhi begged Pilot to come back.

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Rahul Gandhi and Sachin Pilot had “frank, open and conclusive” discussion: Congress statement

Vigneshwar Reddy

Happy To Listening That Sachin pilot will be live in Congress party with other 19 MLA’s He has been met with Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. #SachinPailot

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BREAK- Congress says Sachin Pilot met Rahul Gandhi and ‘expressed his grievances in detail’

‘They had a frank, open, conclusive discussion.’

‘Pilot has committed to working in the interest of Congress part and its Govt in Rajasthan.’

That settles it. #RajasthanPoliticalCrises

Press Trust of India

Sachin Pilot met former Congress president Rahul Gandhi and expressed his grievances in detail: Cong statement

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“Shri Sachin Pilot has met with former Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi and expressed his grievances in detail. They have had a frank, open and conclusive discussion,” KC Venugopal, G. Secretary AICC, Incharge, Organisation, said in a statement.

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