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Almost Forgotten Angel Heroes of WWII

Francis Ho Lara
Almost Forgotten Angel Heroes of WWII

By: Francis B. Lara Ho

Inspire Studios CEO

“Freedom Fighters” Producer

Imagine if you were a front-liner female nurse caught in the line of fire during World War II in the Philippines?
When the 70,0000 Filipino and American forces surrendered to the Japanese in Bataan and Corregidor, 77 female American nurses were among those who endured the brutality and hostility of captivity. And while they themselves are prisoners, they continue to care for the wounded, sick, and dying POWs. Miraculously, against all odds, ALL 77 female nurses survived to see the end of the war!!!

Sadly, many female nurses who courageously served during WWII in the other parts of the Philippines did not survive the war. One of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice was Jennie Adams, a missionary nurse who served before and during the war, at Capiz Emmanuel Hospital, in central Philippines. When the war broke out, Jennie refused to surrender to the Japanese forces. Risking her own life, she stayed behind enemy lines to continue her God-given calling and serve the Filipinos devastated by war. Tragically, Jennie and her fellow missionaries were captured and beheaded by the Japanese in December 1943, inside “Hopevale (Valley of Hope),” a jungle community they built together with the Filipino Christians who helped them survive for almost two years.

“Let me live bravely;…As others lived and gave, Let me be brave.
Let me serve faithfully;…As others served, proved true, Let me be faithful too.
Let me die heroically;…As heroes die, Still brave and true, Let me die, too.”
-Jennie Adams

Equally tragic was the fate of hundreds if not thousands of Filipina nurses who were raped and murdered by their Japanese captors. For some of them, their bodies were mutilated! And yes, though these Filipino and American female nurses may have been helplessly killed, yet they bravely faced their deaths and courageously gave the ultimate sacrifice for our Freedom!!! A powerful testimony of indestructible determination and incomparable devotion to their calling and mission as “Angels of Hope and Healing.”

Despite their unparalleled heroism and uncommon courage, our Angel Heroes of WWII remain almost forgotten and have yet to be honored and recognized! While some books have been written on the brave American female nurses, little is known about the EQUALLY heroic Filipina nurses who served and sacrificed during World War II!!!
But #InspireStudios1 will change this! As a rising

MINORITY-owned (Filipino-American) global motion production company in Hollywood, we will proclaim to the whole world the GREATNESS of our VOICELESS American and Filipina nurses, our almost forgotten “Angel Heroes” of WWII!!!
Soon through our history-in-the-making global motion picture #FreedomFightersFilm, the whole world will see, fall in love with, and be inspired by the incredible true stories of epic heroism and unparalleled sacrifice of our virtually unknown, almost forgotten Angel Heroes of WWII!!!

As the FIRST Hollywood movie production by a Philippine-born and raised Filipino-American filmmaker, #FreedomFightersFilm features the epic heroism of both Filipino and American female nurses! Our never-before-seen MINORITY-inspired movie storyline of underground Filipino and American female nurses turned WWII resistance fighters UNEQUIVOCALLY and EQUALLY honors the sacrifices, bravery, and heroism of both Filipinos and Americans!

Finally, the once VOICELESS Angel Heroes of WWII will no longer be unknown nor forgotten for generations to come!!!
Would YOU help us produce #FreedomFightersFilm so we put on global stage the epic heroism, extraordinary courage, and unparalleled sacrifice of Filipino & American WWII female nurses, our almost forgotten Angel Heroes?

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