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watch how #French Police killed #muslim boy who beheaded his teacher on Prophit SAW insult : live


Attack of France: When you torture or humiliate someone, there will always be retaliation from the other side!


At school, the teacher showed a cartoon of #Charlie_Hebdo at a seminar a week ago, before that teacher expelled all Muslim students from the class, a Muslim student was sitting there, he told this to his family. , The family made a written complaint to the school management, the rest has become news
Why does anyone attack anyone’s religion for any reason or no reason, religion creates a facility to live, while some special, sick, rotten mentality targets people of other religion in the name of religion, When you torture or humiliate someone, there will always be retaliation from the other side, people must take care of it

European countries, which today demonstrate themselves to be civilized, developed, educated, powerful.In fact, these countries are of dacoits, robbers, wild animals, they have committed robberies in the world for centuries, seizing the weak countries and torturing them there. And plundered those countries and made them pauper and filled their treasures with their wealth, most of Europe forcibly took over other countries, England alone ruled and conquered 74 countries of the world, and looted those countries, Before the arrival of England in India, this country used to be a gold bird, its growth rate was at the top of the world, at that time India [was a super power but the British looted this country so much that even after 70 years Poverty is not over here yet

Italy ruled Libya and other countries, France, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic and other European countries looted the countries of Arabia and Africa.
England has kept the countries that were freed even on the go, under the agreements, and the big items from these countries till date are charged annually for free.
Today, wherever there is a situation of unrest or war in the world, it is due to England, this one country has engulfed many countries in wars to achieve its goals, India-Pakistan, North Korea-South Korea , Taiwan-China, Hong Kong-China, Indonesia-Japan, Qatar-Saudi Arabia, Palestine-Israel volume
Today, the atrocities on Palestine and the existence of an illegal tyrannical / terrorist country Israel are due to England and European countries, after the Second World War, like England / Europe, America too behaved to convert world peace into unrest Has worked, US and European alliances have spread terrorism in many countries, devastated many countries, killed millions of innocent in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine.
In such a case, the people, whatever the case may be, directly sit on the Muslims and Islam by taking ration water, never talk of rights
No crime in the world is more disrespectful than injustice, whenever there is injustice, there are bound to be conflicts, if Takatawar wrestler inadvertently persecutes a weak, then one time that weak will surely reverse the legs of that wrestler. Always take care ,,, Do not persecute and always support the truth, speak the truth
Yours, the work done by everyone, will remain here, in the end only good works of human beings are to be used, ,,,, whatever is good for what is not good for him, keep saying good things, keep people from evil, ,, Pervez Khan

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