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It’s about fear


Hello sheep and non-sheep, hello vaccination proponents, hello vaccination opponents, hello lockdown advocates, hello lockdown opponents …

Hello everyone out there. You all have something in common. It’s about fear. Nobody really knows what the truth is. Nobody knows how life will go on. But one thing is certain, regardless of who is for or against where … What will happen and what is already affect us all.

They try to take everything from us. Our freedom to decide, our freedom to move freely and ultimately parts of our families and friends. What follows is sadness, anger, and the sheer fear of survival.

Instead of uniting, I sadly see how one verbally pokes at each other because of one’s opinion, including ignorance. Didn’t you learn anything from the events of the last decades?

This is not about your well-being. Because if it were, would thieves, murderers and other criminals be set free, during which one would get an excessive fine of 25,000 euros for sledding?

Due to an infection that can only be detected using unvalidated tests. And flu is supposed to have died out because of the compliance with the Corana rules, but Corona is apparently spreading rapidly?

Where is the recognition of these contradictions? Where has the independent thinking gone?

Actually, everyone in this country should notice that something is absolutely wrong. This fear makes you so blind that you are finally going to quit your best friends because of not complying with the corona ordinance .. Or because of their different opinions. Throwing away friendships and even your marriage ..?

Where did the logic go in this country? Where is the cohesion?

Unfortunately, I only see one huge kindergarden and wonder, will you be able to change this? Or does it have to get so bad first that there will soon be nothing else but to slide together in order to survive? Thanks, excuse me, my English is not good. My heart is for whole people. Our hope dies last.

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