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Even Shifting Goalposts Does Not Help Kulak-loving bumbling brigade of ‘The Truth’/’Yathaarth’ and Sir Duncelot, Ajay Sinha!

Kavita Krishnapallavi
Even Shifting Goalposts Does Not Help Kulak-loving bumbling brigade of ‘The Truth’/’Yathaarth’ and Sir Duncelot, Ajay Sinha!
Don Quixote de la Patna has now established himself as someone who keeps changing his positions in the debate, as we have shown on numerous occasions. Moreover, he has also established his unsurpassed reputation as someone who does not understand the basic concepts of political economy. His latest post reveals this fact with even more clarity. Let us see how.
First of all, in his latest post he has admitted that the rise in the prices of edible oils has not been “solely due to monopoly pricing” but also hoarding, blackmarketing of small capitalist players as well, but once the monopolies anticipated the rise in the prices of edible oil, they began manipulating prices. IS THIS WHAT WE CALL MONOPOLY PRICE? NO! This is what we call SPECULATION. This speculation was done from the level of small capitalists up to the level of big capitalists of this sector, of course. Moreover, when did this epiphany dawn upon our Mr. Giddyhead, Ajay Sinha, that the small and medium capitalists of this sector like traders, shopkeepers, etc., are equally responsible for this price-rise? In all his earlier posts, he was singling out the ‘monopoly capitalists’ of the sector, nay, only Adani as responsible for this price rise! Evidently, Ajay Sinha is again changing his positions!
Second, these brokers and agents of kulaks and rich farmers, namely, ‘The Truth’/’Yathaarth’ bunch of imbeciles, have again, not so smartly, absolved the RICH FARMERS AND KULAKS from any responsibility in this speculative rise in prices! DO THE RICH FARMERS AND KULAKS WHO INVEST IN PRODUCTION OF OIL SEEDS SPECULATE IN THEIR PRICES IN THE PERIODS OF PRICE VOLATILITY? YES! THEY DO! It is not without reason that the kulaks and rich capitalist farmers are selling oil-seeds at exorbitantly higher speculative prices in the open market, much above the MSP set by the government.
Third, in his present post, Don Quixote de la Patna, Ajay Sinha introduces a new variable: collusion between Indian monopolies and international monopolies to speculatively increase the prices of edible oils. He says “they must have” indulged in such practices! Did they make a phone call to Ajay Sinha? No! What is the source of this information? Of course, when international cartels and trusts are founded, this is something that they regularly do. However, Adani is not even a monopoly in the domestic edible oils market! In what capacity would he collude with international monopolies to increase prices of edible oils in the international market? The monopolies in this sector in other countries are doing it independently and they do not need any cooperation from Adani for that, nor does Adani need this cooperation from international monopolies. However, any person who claims to be a Marxist makes any claim based on concrete facts and evidence. But our Maatsaab Ajay Sinha does not bother about small things like facts, evidence and data! Moreover, earlier Ajay Sinha talked only about Adani as the sole monopolist in the edible oils market. However, when we pointed out that Adani is not a monopoly in the edible oils market of India, Ajay Sinha started talking about “monopolists in this sector”! Here too, our intellectual humpty-dumpty is trying hard to maintain his balance on the wall of stupidity!
Fourth, he never talked about “other stakeholders” besides the monopolies who are indulging in speculative practices. This is something that Ajay Sinha brings in after being thrashed in the ongoing debate! Now he assumes a chivalrous gesture (equally farcical as the chivalry of Don Quixote de la Mancha!) and declares that the proletariat will do away with the monopolists as well as these “other stakeholders” like small traders, middlemen, etc. Of course, proletariat can and will do so, given it can rid itself of kulak-loving idiots like Ajay Sinha and ‘The Truth’ brigade of noodleheads! However, why not talk about getting rid of rich farmers and kulaks as well? Why these bloodsuckers, dalit-oppressors, and exploiters of agricultural workers are always missing from the lists of parasites made by ‘The Truth’/’Yathaarth’ brigade of running errand boys of kulaks? They too engage in speculative manipulations with the prices of basic food items like edible oils, and the present evidence, in fact, confirms this with concrete facts and data that these leeches (to use Lenin’s term!) thriving on the oppression and exploitation of the proletariat, dalit workers and all agricultural workers as well as poor peasants are indeed indulging in speculative manipulations of prices of these goods! Here the real character of ‘The Truth’/’Yathaarth’ brigade as agents and brokers of rich kulaks and farmers in the left movement becomes very clear.
Fifth, the state is not “showing” that it has reduced the import duties on edible oils to “manage its image”! The state-craft is not a theatrical performance in itself! It carries the responsibility of serving the long-term collective class interests of the bourgeoisie. It has indeed reduced the import duties on edible oils in past couple of years from 33 to 40 percent to 15 to 17 percent. How is that showbiz politics? That is a real fact! And nobody can refute it. Needless to say, the capitalist state does not undertake such actions for the benefit of the working class. It undertakes such steps to benefit the capitalist class in general. As the rising prices of a basic wage-good like edible oils cause an upward pressure on average wages of the working class and therefore lead to a decline in the rate of profit, the state as the body which represents and defends the long-term collective class interests of the capitalist class sees to it that prices of wage-goods are under control. It might not succeed in doing so in every instance for a variety of exogenous reasons. However, the capitalist class in general and the capitalist state does not favour monopoly pricing of basic wage goods. It is a general law that applies to every phase of capitalism, that is, as long as capital exploits wage-labour.
Sixth, nobody ever argued that it is only the small players who are manipulating the prices through speculation! Who is this imbecile even refuting? Our position has been very clear: the responsibility of increasing the prices of edible oils (besides the objective factors) lies with the ENTIRE CAPITALIST CLASS of this industry, which includes the rich capitalist farmers-kulaks, middlemen, traders, hoarders and other small and medium capitalists as well as big capitalists. This is what I have written in couple of my previous posts. We never absolved any faction of this capitalist class. The onus to prove that Ajay Sinha too puts the entire capitalist class in the dock, not simply monopoly capital, lies with Ajay Sinha himself! And as we can see from his latest post, any mention of the role of rich kulaks and farmers overselling oilseeds, and their role in the rise in prices of edible oils is an anathema to him and ‘The Truth’/’Yathaarth’ brigade of altar boys of the church of kulaks! Isn’t it clear that Ajay Sinha and ‘The Truth’/’Yathaarth’ bunch of idiots are striving hard to play the role of Trojan horses of agrarian bourgeoisie in the left movement?
Seventh, there is a tendency to present a ‘conspiracy theory’ of monopoly capital by many dimwits like Ajay Sinha and ‘The Truth’/’Yathaarth’ brigade! We are told that “behind closed doors” “secretly” “in the darkest hours”, the monopolists gather together to circumvent the laws of capitalism! This is bullshit! Monopoly capital emerges precisely due to the general laws of capitalism and they do not transcend these laws, rather confirm their validity. Those who believe otherwise are basically following the incorrect arguments of the Monthly Review School’s theory of monopoly capital, which is a populist left-Keynesian theory and has nothing to do with Marxism whatsoever! Monopoly-prices, monopoly-rents are not unregulated or arbitrary and they do not cancel the law of value (for example, Ajay Sinha’s theory of “maximum profit” which is different from surplus-profit of Marx, as we have shown in our earlier writings)!
Ajay Sinha and ‘The Truth’/’Yathaarth’ brigade is indulging in this entire “intellectual” exercise to absolve the kulaks and rich farmers from any culpability in speculative rise in the prices of edible oils. And that is why he is constantly running away from the real questions. Some of the questions which Don Quixote de la Patna is avoiding from the very beginning are as follows.
Why is the rest of the capitalist class opposing high import duties on imports of edible oils and has successfully obliged the capitalist state to reduce these import duties in past couple of years? Why are the rich farmers and kulaks not selling oilseeds on MSP at present and rather selling it on exorbitantly and speculatively high prices in the open market? Had we not been told that the rich capitalist farmers and kulaks have lost faith in the prices in the open market and capitalism itself and have become an ally of the proletariat in the socialist revolution in the alleged stage of ‘corporate capitalism’? Where is that old Ajay Sinha and ‘TheTruth’/’Yathaarth’ brigade? Why the prices of food items in countries with establishment of near-monopoly in agricultural sector have been declining historically, if, according to ‘The Truth’/’Yathaarth’ intellectual thugs, the monopolies exact monopoly-rents through monopoly-prices in the sectors producing wage-goods?
‘The Truth’/’Yathaarth’ brigade attempts to conveniently circumvent these inconvenient questions in order to serve in the cow-barn of kulaks!
Ooooh! Now we understand how Ajay Sinha intends to challenge the leadership of rich kulaks and farmers in the current kulaks’ movement! What a gem!
— Amit Kumar
Artwork : And they still won’t go from Los Caprichos by Francisco de Goya


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