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Modi in the footsteps of Netanyahu : Dangerous ‘plan’ against ‘Islam’ religion of ‘India’s radical Zionist Jewish organization’: Report

India and Israel have been close friends since the beginning, with “very” deep ties between the two countries, when the late Indira Gandhi founded the IB in 1968, the first order she gave to the IB Chief was that all the time Keep in touch with Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad

India is a very large country, whereas Israel is ‘Piddi’, three times smaller than the area of the Indian state of Kerala, somewhat larger than the city of Bangalore, with a total population of around 70 lakhs, while the population of India will be around 150 crores. , What is it that India keeps on chanting Israel-Israel all the time, while there is no harmony between the two countries, where a large and great country like India and Israel is, but there is some “special” reason that The Government of India keeps finding a place at the feet of Israel.

Israel and India’s collective ‘goal’ is the cause of friendship, relations between the two countries, Israel’s goal is to create a ‘Greater Israel’ country, for which the Jewish community has been dreaming for two thousand years, to establish the current state of Greater Israel. Israel will have to take over many Arab countries, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia will have to take possession of Israel, here is an organization of India which has been aiming to create a united India and Hindu nation for a century. Is engaged in working for, to create a united India, existing India will have to meet many of its neighbors in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan of Central Asia, to create a united India. Countries like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan etc. will have to be annexed and incorporated into India, then unbroken India can come into existence, the second goal is the ‘Hindu nation’ of this Indian organization.

Looking at the importance of China and Pakistan in the countries of the world, the Indian organization’s dream of ‘unbroken India’ does not seem to be fulfilled in any way in today’s time, now the talk of creating a ‘Hindu nation’ is complete. This is the right time to do

There is another very important fact between India and Israel that is the basis of friendship and relations between these two countries, the founding member of India’s ‘racist / extremist’ organization which aims to make India a ‘Hindu nation’, a ‘Zionist race of Israel origin’ ‘From among the Zionist Jews, there are staunch Jews, who consider themselves the masters of this whole world and understand that whatever is on this earth apart from these people, whatever the people are for the use of the Zionist Jews, Zionists have understood that there is no ‘law / law’ for them, Zionist Jews have always kept the purity of their blood, any person of any religion / class / society / country in the world would want to become a Zionist Jew. Can be made

The Zionist Jews of India and the Jews of Israel are people of the same tribe, both have similar motives and both have a ‘common’ enemy ‘Muslim’ ‘Islam’ religion

Indian high officials have been sent for Israel training, what special knowledge / technology does Israel have that other countries of the world do not have, what does Mossad, the intelligence agency of Israel, learn from Sheen Baith ??? Official of india !! Needless to say, Israel is the sole parent of any form of terrorism that exists in the whole world, Malegaon, Mecca Masjid, Babri Masjid demolition, Samjhauta Express Blast, Ajmer Dargah, without telling a blast, tells the whole story.

Corona is spread in the world, Corona has wreaked havoc in India, millions of people have died, crores of people are fighting with corona disease, the corpses of the dead are not even burnt, burial sites are found. Those who died in the river were shed, the ‘yellow sheets’ along the banks of the Ganges have exposed the government’s antics, for over a year now China has been seized in Ladakh, within a year China has entered India Bunker, barricades, platforms have been built on the occupied land, the country’s government and media are not even ready to talk about ‘China’

If India’s economic situation is seen even today compared to other countries of Asia, it has lagged behind Bangladesh, jobs are not here, the manufacturing sector is stagnated, real estate is dead, the government does not have farmers There is nothing for the poor, there is only one way left on every front with a failed government and that is ‘hatred’, by following this path, the government can divert public attention from all its failures, the media of the country is the government’s Exist to help

Now read this news first


Modi government invites application for Indian citizenship from Hindus of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan amid Corona epidemic The Narendra Modi government at the Center has invited applications for Indian citizenship from refugee Hindus from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, amid the second wave of Corona epidemic.

At a time when the whole country is fighting the war against Corona, in the same way, once again, the Hindu Muslim card has started playing. The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has invited applications for Indian citizenship to the oppressed minorities of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The condition of this citizenship application is that these minorities should be non-Muslim. This is the first time in the history of independent India when the government is seeking citizenship application on the basis of religion. It is in a way an attack on the secular structure of India. Congress MP and former United Nations Joint Secretary Shashi Tharoor has reacted by tweeting the government’s decision. Tharoor said in the poem’s style that “death, poverty and economy have eaten away all the issues”.

Then Hindu Muslim came, then Hindu Muslim came ” Actually, after the failure of the Modi government of the Center after the second wave of Corona, they have been continuously targeted by the people of the country. Millions of people succumbed to mismanagement in the second wave of Corona. In the era when the government had to fight Corona, The government was contesting in West Bengal during that difficult time. It is believed that in view of the anger of the common people, the government has now started following the trick. It first started with Ramdev’s statement. Ramdev described allopathy as the most vicious and inferior medical science and said that it was only due to allopath that people lost their lives.

Ramdev started a new debate in the country and tried to prove that people died not because of Modi government but because of doctors. Now the second trick is the citizenship application. By seeking citizenship applications from non-Muslim minority refugees from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the government has once again started Hindu and Muslim polarization in the country to divert attention from deaths from Corona and once again to Hindu And get entangled in the Muslim debate. This is the most accurate, infallible and tried-and-true tactic of the BJP and Modi government as people have been fiercely popped by religion in the last few years.



The ruler of Israel is bringing the Jews of the world pillar and settling the land of Muslims there, here the Indian government is trying to bring the Hindus from the world house and settle in India, both countries are doing the same work, both of them are doing the same. They have the same motive, both have similar methods, both have a technology, the current government of Israel and India wants to put their full force in ‘Muslim’ enmity to somehow liberate their countries from Muslims, Israel has been hit very hard recently, it will continue to keep up whatever power it has, and will not be able to achieve its goal of occupying Palestine or Greater Israel.

The present government of India is now only striving to achieve the goal of making the country a ‘Hindu nation’, while it forgets that no Hindu from Afghanistan would want to stay in the poor country, whatever war, war is there. There is no discrimination, no quarrel against the minorities to gain power there, during 2014 to 2020, the number of Indians residing abroad leaving India citizenship is around 7 lakhs,

Two years ago some Hindus came from Pakistan and settled in India, they went back to Pakistan crying after a few months, while on the go, many media statements that they had taken the ‘oath’ that they will never come to India again, they said It was that we were called here, but no facilities were provided, about 16 of them were killed or murdered, they were seen as Pakistan’s spies in India

they were monitored all the time Used to go Following the agenda of the fundamentalist Jewish Zionist organization of India, this government is extracting the ‘kachumar’ of the country, it wants to enlighten the people by giving rise to hatred agenda in the course of its politics, this government does not care about this. It seems that if the borders of the country are small to form a ‘Hindu nation’, then if a country seizes India, then it should be kept, the government has to settle only the ‘Muslims’ Due to confusion, he had made people stupid earlier and now he wants to do the same again. Demonetisation, GST, lock down, tali / thali / corona festival / cremation on the banks of the Ganges / the bloodshed of oxygen cylinders / the aggravation of hospitals / plague of hospitals, murders on the streets, siblings, relatives, thousands of kilometers Reaching homes on foot ,,,, people remember, all that the people of the country pay for the deception of ‘Muslims’ to “hide”, others that Muslims ‘whereabouts’ The fate of the extremist organization will never be fulfilled, 150 crore people of India have been living together, they live and die, their sufferings and sorrows are shared, their homes, fields, cemeteries, cremation grounds are the same, Sometimes, even if there is a fight, it happens in every house, the utensils keep on knocking, India is a country where people of all religions of the world live there, thousands of languages ​​​​of the world are spoken here, India There is no country, it is a ‘bouquet of civilizations’, it is a Mahadeep, India is a huge and great country, this great country ‘the radical Zionist Jews of India’ will never be able to paint themselves. “

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