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#US and #UAE are behind the failed coup attempt in #Turkey, says #Turkish Interior Minister Soylu : video


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JUST IN – US and UAE are behind the failed coup attempt in Turkey, says Turkish Interior Minister Soylu

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Anger symbol#Turkey can’t defend its own bases, yet still wants to conquer the world.

Red exclamation mark symbolDrone attack on #Diyarbakir base with multiple fixed-wing #UAV’s. Diyarbakir is one of the main operational hubs for the Turkish air campaign in northern #Iraq & #Syria.

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There was an attack with 2 Model Airplane on #Turkey‘s 8th Air Force Base in #Diyarbakir.

The threat has been neutralized and investigations has been initiated against the attackers.

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Diyarbakır’dan bomba haberleri geliyor.
PKK sözde eyalet sözcüsünün öldürülülmesinin ardından Diyarbakır Jet hava Üssünden bomba ve silah sesleri yükseliyor
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Attempted attack on a military jet base with 2 explosive-laden model aircraft in #Diyarbakır – #Turkey’s Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu.

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NEWS UPDATE: Turkish IM reports that the base came under attack by two ‘model aircrafts’ which were neutralized instantly.

No damage or injury reported. Explosions likely result of anti-aircraft fire.

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#Turkey- An terror attempt made to attack 8th Main Jet Base Command in #Diyarbakır with model aircraft around 00:30. No damage or casualties occurred at the military base.



2 drones downed at Turkey’s Diyarbakir military base : minister

Turkey’s Minister of Interior Suleyman Soylu said early on Wednesday (May 19) that two drones were intercepted after attempting to target a military facility in Diyarbakir province southeast of Turkey.

No reported casualty was reported, Soylu added.

“Tonight around 00.30, an attack was made on the Diyarbakır 8th Main Jet Base Command with a model of an airplane. The model of the attack was dropped and there were no casualties in our Diyarbakır 8th Main Jet Base Command,” Diyarbakır Governorship reported.

An explosion was heard near the facility, according to Milliyet

The Turkish authorities usually blame the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) for such attempt attacks.
The PKK has not claimed responsibility for the attack, but its affiliated ANF reported that two consecutive blasts were heard in the military base.

PKK has started an armed struggle against Turkish officials for Kurdish cultural rights.

Turkey launches intermittent cross-border land and air operations against PKK in its southeast and northern Kurdistan region’s borders areas.