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May Allah have mercy on my father and place him with heaven

Hasan Ismaik – حسن إسميك
It’s been 40 days since I lost my father Haj Abdullah Ismaik, may God have mercy upon his soul.

I used to believe that the 40 days after the death is just a folk custom that we inherited from the societies of previous ancient civilizations and that the idea is linked to their beliefs and legends, which then disappeared while the custom remained. But after I experienced the passage of this period of time since the loss of the man who was the perfect example as a father, role model, and inspiration, I started to view the matter differently.

This period was indeed necessary to rightly rearrange my inner sorrow. The first days passed while I was still in shock. These are the days when the family of the deceased are busy with condolences and they have not had the time to really absorbed what has happened, which is a blessing.

Then, with the first week, I felt a subconscious denial in my heart pushing me to try to live my new life as if I had not lost my father, as if he were still alive among us. Remembering his death every hour or less would bring back the bitter taste of loss every time as if it were the first time.

Eventually, it was necessary to accept. I had to accept God’s destiny and fate, and I had to psychologically accept that I had lost my father, my great emotional and spiritual supporter, forever.

When this submission became complete, I felt that the sadness had begun again. But this time it was both calm and deep, and it was accompanied by the grace of contentment with what God has decreed and a patience over the calamity with prayers to Allah for forgiveness and mercy upon my father.

I do not think these words are sufficient to express what I went through during this period. Language is helpless and deficient in expressing the feelings about losing a father.

May Allah have mercy on my father and place him with heaven, and may Allah reward all those who prayed for him and consoled us. The condolences of friends and their participation in the mourning ceremonies that they arranged in more than one country, and without my asking them to, had a great impact on me. I pray to Allah to be able to return this favor to them on their happy occasions, with God’s will.

I also thank the kings, princes, presidents and officials of Arab and Western governments; the leaders of religious institutions; and the officials of economic, media, research and cultural institutions for the official condolences that I received in the name of their countries and institutions, which expressed the most beautiful meanings and the sincerest participation. May God have mercy on and protect all of your loved ones.

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