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#KarachiBlast : 1 causality and 8 injured : video

KARACHI – At least one person was killed and many others were wounded in a bomb explosion in Karachi’s Saddar area on Thursday night.

According to the initial reports, several cars were also destroyed in the explosion, which apparently targeted a government vehicle.

However, security agencies have cordoned off the area and are investigating

A CCTV footage showed a powerful explosion on Dr Daud Pota Road near a bakery.

An explosive device had been planted on a motorcycle.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif expressed grief and sorrow over the killing of one person and injuries to thirteen others in the Karachi blast.

Sarwar 🌐

CCTV footage of the #Karachi blast in #Saddar Town has surfaced which showed a powerful explosion on Dr. #DaudPota road near a bakery

It showed a parked motorcycle exploding on the busy road & the passers-by & vehicles were affected by the explosion


I live in Saddar and my house is just two street away from the blast area. tbh me and my family members were terrified by the blast sound. Even the electricity is out. Prayers to those who got injured in the blast. Hope Karachi will get free from terrorism soon. #KarachiBlast

Samir Mir Shaikh
Another Blast,

Karachi a Lawless City.

Sindh Govt has failed badly to control law and order situation in the city, this is the second Bomb Blast in 1 month.

From mobile snatching, Car theft, murders to burglary etc, everything is become part of life in Karachi.

This is what happens when the government is run by India’s friends, these culprits have imported unlimited RAW agents into Pakistan. They’re selling the country it’s time to wake up or you’ll never forgive yourself. It’s a matter of our next generation’s future.

Maaz Ul Haq 🇵🇰
Once again the sleeper cells done their job the lack of safe city project and highly corrupt police will never be able to secure the city obviously just like Sri Lanka they wanted to a chaos in the country and the establishment is busy fighting with PTI #KarachiBlast

Mehvish Ali
From a happy Pakistan on the way to properity we are back to old Pakistan bomb blasts, corruption, violence,lawlessness and media blackout. Thankyou handlers for making this blatent interference a BIG success.


it’s a scary PTSD memory when something like this happens. The dark days of 08-15. When your leaders would be outside the country while Karachi, the heart of this country is being ravaged and destabilized. Thank you btw for reactivating MQM Altaf, general saab. #KarachiBlast

Ahmed Waqar
Live from saddar blast 1 death many injured two blast in a month Karachi on the target stay strong

Nadeem Nusrat
Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army claims #KarachiBlast responsibility. With the #Sindhi nationalist #PPP now sitting in the federal government, it’s no surprise that separatists are feeling emboldened enough to inflict terrorism in #Karachi without the fear of repercussions.

Fayaz Chachar

Administrator karachi and Spokesperson Sindh Govt
visited the Jinnah hospital to see the injured people in #KarachiBlast . 1 causality and 8 injured

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