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Terrorist #Israeli occupation forces bombing Mesyaf, #Syria right now : video

خالد اسكيف

#Syria_Defense: Our air defenses repelled the Israeli aggression’s missiles on central Syria and downed most of them. The aggression resulted in five martyrs, including one civilian, wounding seven others, including a child, and causing material losses

.Israel War Room
#BREAKING: The #IAF🇮🇱 is engaging in targeted defensive airstrikes against Iranian terror assets in #Masyaf, #Syria.
#Iran uses Syria to transfer illegal weapons to their terrorist settlements in Western Syria and Southern Lebanon.

Madonna Kalousian 🦉🥄

Israeli occupation forces bombing Mesyaf, #Syria right now. Six people with severe injuries have been taken to hospital.

Syrian Lion(الأسد (ن
zionist airstrikes over #Syria, they don’t have enough blood on their dirty hands after what they are doing in #Palestine, they’re looking for more. But we never forget, revenge is a dish best served cold. God bless the Resistance against zionist scumbags

Jason Brodsky
#BREAKING: #Syria media reports its air defenses have been activated in response to strikes by #Israel, specifically in Masyaf. Some interesting facilities in the areas including, the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center.

Sarwar 🌐
Syrian Air Defense System Repelling Israeli Attack Over Hama Province, State TV Reports

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