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Turkish, Russian and Iranian representatives are agree on date for Syria summit on Syrian peace process : Turkish source

Turkish, Russian and Iranian representatives are working on coordinating a date for a trilateral summit on Syrian peace process, according to Turkey’s Foreign Ministry. “The parties are working to agree on the date for the summit. As soon as an agreement between the three countries is reached, the date of the summit will be announced […]

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China expelle three reporters of The Wall Street Journal over a “racist” editorial

China has expelled three reporters working for The Wall Street Journal over a “racist” editorial, calling the country “the Real Sick Man of Asia.” China’s foreign ministry said Wednesday that it was canceling the visas of three journalists over the racist headline about the coronavirus epidemic. “The Chinese side has lodged stern representations with WSJ […]

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Merkel’s defense of Israeli regime’s war crimes undermines ICC & rule of law

Germany took the shameful form of undermining International Law by contesting The Hague’s jurisdiction, claiming that the International Criminal Court (ICC) lacks the authority to investigate Israeli regime’s war crimes against Palestinians. In a petition filed with the ICC, Merkel’s government requested to be “a friend of the court” in an attempt to prevent The […]

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Trump to name US envoy to Germany acting director of national intelligence : Sources

US President Donald Trump is expected to name US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell to be acting director of national intelligence, two sources familiar with the matter said on Wednesday (February 19). According to Press TV, Grenell, a strong supporter of Trump’s policies, would replace Joseph Maguire, who has been acting director of national intelligence […]

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China reports drop in new virus infections despite fatality increase : Confirmed cases 74,576, 114 new deaths!

Figures show a big drop in new coronavirus cases in mainland China, even as deaths from the infectious epidemic increase to 2,118 people. On Thursday, Chinese health officials reported 600 new infections with COVID-19, the lowest daily tally since late last month, and well down from the 1,749 new cases the day before. Confirmed cases […]

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national register of citizens or #NRC : permanent threat to hang over every single Muslim head in India : japan times

  India is abandoning its founding principles BY – MIHIR SHARMA ========== For 70 years, India has struggled to remain a secular state. In spite of its people being overwhelmingly Hindu, it chose not to distinguish between its citizens — or putative citizens — on the basis of their religion. That principle was what its […]