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BREAKING : India, First suspected #Monkeypox death from #Kerala

A high-level inquiry will be conducted into the death of a person with symptoms of monkeypox in Chavakkad Kuranjiyur. The result of the test conducted in a foreign country was positive. He sought treatment in Thrissur: Kerala Health Minister Veena George

The Aryavarth Express
India’s First Monkeypox Death; 22-yr-Old, Man from Kerala’s Thrissur had tested Positive in UAE; he hid the report & travelled to India, says Kerala Health Minister.
The family also hid the UAE report and disclosed it to the hospital yesterday only.

A suspected monkeypox death was reported in Kerala. The deceased patient’s swab samples were sent for testing to ICMR-National Institute of Virology in Alappuzha on Saturday.
“The deceased 22-year-old man from Thrissur had tested positive for monkeypox in the UAE, a day before he returned to India, said Kerala health minister Veena George.
The man, who had reached India on July 21, was staying with his family and was admitted to a private hospital only on July 27.
A detailed inquiry will be conducted on why he sought treatment late, said the health minister.
The government is waiting for confirmation from the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune.
The health minister said that the patient was young and did not suffer from any other illness or health problems and therefore, the health department was looking into the cause of his death.

“This particular variant of monkeypox is not as highly virulent or contagious as COVID-19, but it does spread. Comparatively, the mortality rate of this variant is low. Therefore, we will examine why the 22-year-old man died in this particular case as he had no other illness or health problems,” the minister told the media earlier in the day.

Since this variant of monkeypox does spread, therefore, all necessary measures have to be taken and have been taken to prevent the same, she added.
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The minister also said that there were no studies available about this particular variant from other countries where the disease has been detected and thus, Kerala was carrying out a study on it.
According to the World Health Organistation, monkeypox is a viral zoonosis (a virus transmitted to humans from animals), with symptoms similar to those seen in the past in smallpox patients, although it is clinically less severe.

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